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RPG Maker VX: Music and Sound Effect Download

by: Makoto ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A collection of sound effects for RPG Maker VX.

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    RPG Maker VX: Music and Sound Effect Download

    Although there are plenty of sounds available with RPG Maker VX, a few more sound effects certainly couldn’t hurt. In this article, I will share some great websites to find good quality sound effects and music.

    In case you are still new to RPG Maker VX, I strongly recommend reading this article first.

    In that article, I explain in detail how to change the music for your game. Although it’s pretty straightforward, it’s always nice to have simple directions to follow.

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    Weather Sound Effect (RPG Maker VX: Music and Sound Effect Download)

    Author: Partner in Rhyme

    Link: Click here!

    This website has a wide collection of sound effects related to the weather. From heavy rain to light, to thunder and wind, it will provide all the sound effects you need to create this gloomy, dark atmosphere you are looking for.

    All files are free and easily downloadable (I couldn’t find any scam on the website apart from the occasional not so free sound effect but those occurrences were far and few in between).

    In order to make sure that the sound effects you are trying to download are indeed free, stick to the links as shown in the picture below.

    RPG Maker VX Sound Effect 

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    High Tech Beep and Bleeps (RPG Maker VX: Music and Sound Effect Download)

    Author: Soundjay

    Link: Click here!

    I considered this website to be even better designed than the previous one. For one thing, there were no commercial products mixed in with the free files. This is a major advantage as it’s very disappointing to visit a website which advertises free sound effects only to realize that you actually have to pay for them.


    Although the resources are free, the author does require to be credited if any of his sound effects or music in projects.

    There are close to 100 different button sounds in this section only. This website is definitely worth checking out.

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    Free Music (RPG Maker VX: Music and Sound Effect Download)

    Author: Soundkay

    Link: Click here!

    Soundjay also has some ambient music for your rpg maker vx games. The free music available on his website have no lyrics which makes it easier to fit in nicely as video game music.


    Although there are only 7 tracks available, each song would fit nicely in different context in a RPG Maker VX game. I strongly recommend “cautious path" which had the strongest video game feel to it.

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    Body Sound Effects (RPG Maker VX: Music and Sound Effect Download)

    Author: Soundjay

    Link: Click here!

    The sound effects provided in this section are just awesome. All of them are of good quality and most of them can be used as sound effect in many games.

    Here’s a list of the various sound effects you can find in this section which I found relevant to a RPG Maker VX game:


    -Burping (humour relief)




    -Walking in snow

    And much more.

    If you know of any other great resources, please leave a comment!