RPG Maker VX for Beginners: Part 3: Using Events and Adding Descriptions

Adding Descriptions to your Game

So you’ve managed to create your first map. You have added some nice details to it and determined a starting point for the main character of your game. You’ve even tested your little project! The game was rather boring however as there wasn’t much happening.

Adding some descriptions is a good way to make your little island more interesting.

Switch to Event mode (if you haven’t already) by pressing F6. Once the grid appears, select the tile with red flowers on it by left clicking on it like so:


Now right click on the same tile and select “New event” in the new window that appears, like so:


Alternatively, you can also press ENTER to get the same result. I would recommend using the shortcuts on your keyboard as it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.

Once you’ve created a new event, a big window will show up. You might feel overwhelmed with all the different available options but don’t worry, we’ll go through this one step at a time.


Click on the square G. A blue line will become highlighted. Once that is done you can either RIGHT CLICK and select “Insert…” or simply press ENTER (which I recommend).

Another window will show up, with plenty of options. Simply click on “Show text” in the message subwindow like so:


Another window will show up. This time, you will have the opportunity to type what you would like the player to see when he interacts with that particular tile in your game. For the purpose of our example, type the same thing as I did:


If you’d like to see how it would look in-game, you may click on the button “Preview” right underneath the text window.

Once you’re done. Click on OK.

You will be sent back to the main Event window but this time, your “List of Event commands” window should look a bit different, like this:


Once again click on OK and you will be sent back to your map. Save your progress by clicking on the “floppy disk” icon like so:


After you saved your project, go ahead and click on the green arrow to launch the game (just like last time).

Your game will launch and you will get to the title screen.


“New Game” should already be selected so go ahead and press ENTER.

Once the game begins, move your character (using the directional arrows on your keyboard) to the red flower tile. Once you get there press ENTER to interact with it…


It works! Your text showed up! You can experiment with this function and add as many descriptions as you want all over your island!

Going a Step Further

Now that you’ve experimented with adding some descriptions to your map, you might have wondered about something…

“Do I have to stand on something to interact with it?”

This is fortunately not the case as this would lead to some questionable game mechanics (such as standing on top of a library to read its contents).

Switch to Event mode (F6) and select the well on your island.


Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to have your character have to stand on the well to be able to interact with it. Here’s how to interact with an element which is one square away (like in most RPGs).

Press ENTER to access the Event window. This time around, pay close attention to E.


There’s a scroll down window right underneath “priority”. Click on that window to get some more options:


Select the option “Same as character” and then proceed to add your description like you did last time. Once you’re done, click OK and launch your game.

Walk next to the well and press ENTER.


Voilà! You now have your text appearing just like you want to!

Adding your First NPC

An RPG game wouldn’t be much of a game without some NPCs. Adding a NPC can be as simple as adding a description although there are a few distinctions. Select a different tile on your map (free tile) and press ENTER.


First, change your “priority” to “Same as character”, just like you did in the previous section.

Then, click on the black and blue checkered square right under “Graphic”.

A new window will appear. Each one of the tabs on the left allows you to browse different categories of characters. Choose a tab and select any character that you like.


Once you’re done selecting your character, click OK.

Now, before we wrap things up for this article, we’ll add a little detail which will make your NPCs more interesting.

Proceed like you do normally to add your description. Only this time around, in the “Show Text” window, click on the black and blue checkered square right underneath “Face graphic”.

A new window will show up (looks familiar?) and you will have the opportunity to select the face of your NPC.


Do so and click OK. Make sure to add some text and then press OK until you’re back to the mapping screen. Launch your game and try to interact with your NPC by pressing ENTER while standing next to him or her.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully added your first NPC. Things are starting to look better and better aren’t they?

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