RPG Maker for Beginners: Customizing your Title Screen and Your Character

How to Have your Own Title Screen

You might think it looks great now but eventually the default title screen for RPG Maker VX will just get plain boring. Let’s find out how to replace it.

First of all, you will need to make your own title screen. Allow me to show my very own title screen. The main character and title screen for my game was drawn by a talented French artist named “Felwynn”.


Pretty neat uh? Once you launch the game, the various options such as “New Game”, “Load Game” and the like will appear on top of that picture.

Once you’ve finished your own title screen, make sure to change the name of the file to “Title.png” (without the quotation marks).

Leave RPG Maker VX aside for a while and open the main directory of your project like so:


(don’t mind my Windows, it’s in French).

You should have three different folders namely “Audio”, “Graphics” and “Data”.

Go ahead and open up the “Graphics” folder. You will find a ”System” folder over there. Open up the system folder. Once this is done, copy your “title.png” file into that folder. Once this is done, head back to RPG Maker and launch your game.


There you go, your very own title screen. This only looks rather odd because of the blue window but I’ve changed that in my own project and I’ll explain how to do that in the future.

Customizing your Main Character

Since we’ve already changed the title screen, might as well change what your main character is like. A great number of RPG Maker VX games stick to the original character and it becomes rather redundant.

This will be a good opportunity to explore a new aspect of RPG Maker: the database.


Click on the icon shown above or quite simply press F9. This will take you to this window:


First of all, click on the ACTOR tab as shown in “A”. This is the window displaying information about your character.

The window “B” is for all the characters in your game (the playable ones). You may “clear” all of what has already been put there by selecting a name in that window and pressing “Del”.

Unfortunately, “clearing” them won’t actually remove the characters from your party. It will merely remove all the information about them so that you can write your own.

Go ahead to “C” and type in the name of your main character.

Once this is done, head over to “D”. Those black and blue checkered boxes probably look familiar by now. By clicking those boxes, you will have the opportunity to change the graphics of something. Go ahead and change both the face and the in-game character just like you did before with the NPC.

Once you’re done, it should look like this (or your own personal variation):


Since we’re at it, we might as well change the starting inventory of our main character. The “Starting Equipment” window is on the right of the character’s face. You may change his or her starting Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Armor and Accessory by clicking the scroll down windows. Make your own personal selections and click OK.


Once you’re done, click OK and launch your game. Note that I won’t be telling you to save your progress every time now as it would get repetitive and tedious ;). Every time you launch your game, you will be asked if you want to record your progress so simply click YES!

Once again, you will see your new title screen and you can launch your game from there. When your game starts, you will have a whole new character!


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