Using Scouts in Championship Manager CM 2010

Using Scouts in Championship Manager CM 2010
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Great Scouting System

Championship Manager 2010 has a great scouting system which allows you to search all countries in the world for the best players available, and then when you find someone promising, monitor them more closely with a specific scouting mission.

With a budget and an army of scouts at your disposal, identifying the best players shouldn’t be too difficult. However success depends on how much money you have, how you apply your budget and the quality of your scouts.

Good scouts can be identified by their scouting ability; in turn good scouts will find good players, and excellent scouts will find excellent players who are at the top of their game or likely to become stars.

Hiring Scouts

To find the best scouts, in the left hand main menu go to Scouting > Staff Search and sort by Job to find scouts with a suitable array of talents to find you the players you want. You can also use the Filters tool on the right side of the screen to filter out irrelevant staff types.

Employ your scout of choice my making an approach to sign. Once he has agreed to your terms the scout will join the club and be ready for you to begin assigning jobs to.

Scouts should be signed as early in the game as possible, and you need to look out for individuals with high Scouting on Ability and Scouting on Potential ratings and high Determination – anything about 70 if you can find it.

Once employed, it’s time to assign your scouts to some locations. This is done via Scouting > Scouting Network – simply select a country and in the bottom right corner decide how much of your weekly scouting budget you want to assign to scouting that country, via the Current Region Scouting Investment (Per Week) drop down menu.

Scouting Individual Players

Select a nation to scout, and allocate a budget…

As your scouts travel your chosen countries looking for the best players, they report back on their findings, and make recommendations on the players you might like to take a closer look at – these are available via your mail screen.

By selecting the players to view their profiles, you’ll see that their stats are faded – this corresponds with your knowledge of each individual footballer. A bar on the centre-right of the players profile will display the extent of your knowledge on this player. A regularly scouted player will display 100% and accurate stats, whereas knowledge of a player you’ve only just been made aware of will be around 50%.

To scout individual players, either right-click them and select Get Scout Report (and then select which of your scouts you would like to assess the player) from the mail screen or in the player’s profile choose Actions > Get Scout Report.

The Importance of Scouting

Having the best scouts means that you can get the first look at the best players in Championship Manager 2010, but there is more to it than this.

With your scouts keeping tabs on players of your choice, you can keep an eye on how they develop over time, gauge any change in your scout’s opinion of them and make a more informed judgment than you would if all the game offered was stats and a “buy player” button.

Building a useful scouting network can breed success in the game, allowing you to sign the best players before they begin to reach their peak. As your football club progresses, more funds can be pumped into scouting, a key element in the success of your team.

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