Championship Manager 2010 Walkthrough – Training Programmes

Championship Manager 2010 Walkthrough – Training Programmes
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Setup Your Training Program

Championship Manager 2010 has a brand new training screen which aids you in overseeing the development of your players and allows you to guide their development physically, technically and mentally.

Training your players is vital to keep them in tip top condition and ensure they are able to match the opposition on the pitch. It’s important to look for as many opportunities to get an advantage over the opposition as possible. One of the key ways this can be done is via the training screen.

When you begin Championship Manager 2010, the players are assigned to training programs based on their ability, squad situation and position.

For instance a first team player might be in general training. He may, however, be set to specific training if he has a specialist position like striker.

Pre-Programmed Training Regimes

There are several pre-programmed training regimes:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Defensive Midfielder
  • Attacking Midfielder
  • Winger
  • Forward
  • Team
  • Preseason

It is possible to build your own training regimes – in fact it is highly recommended. The training programs built in to Championship Manager 2010 are good enough only to keep your players ticking over.

By sticking to the routines built into the game, you’re likely to see your players perform poorly compared to the opposition as the season progresses, whether you have chosen a general or position-based training program.

Moulding and Retraining Your Players

The training screen in Championship Manager 2010 lets you retrain your players and mould their skills.

Via the training screen you can also decide upon the future of your players.

A central midfielder can be retrained as a defender or a full back as a winger – both great ways to extend the career of an older player or save the career of a younger player who might otherwise be going nowhere.

To retrain a player, highlight his name in the training screen, and from the drop down list to the right, scroll beyond the various training regimes and select the position you wish to retrain him in.

Although the change is rarely seen straightaway, your coaches will give you regular updates as to how your players’ retraining is going.

You might choose to “mould” a player effectively getting them to behave exactly how you want in a given situation. A good example is training your goalkeeper to catch crosses, or come off his line early when the opposition are through on goal. Again, this can be done from the drop down list, and moulding options are available for all players depending on their favoured position.

Giving Your Team an Advantage

To afford your players an advantage you can customise the existing training programs to push the players to the peak of their physical, mental and technical abilities. This is best done by copying an existing training program, and making the required changes.

Enhance your players in Championship Manager 2010 with custom training programs

When you make the changes you’ll notice that as well as the number of points available to improve the impact of the various elements of training, there is an upper level of physical perfection for the players – the point at which too much training affects them, and injuries occur.

By increasing the various elements to a training program, the line chart at the bottom of the screen will be adjusted. Upon starting the game, the vertical line is in the left-hand side of the column. Notice that there is both a vertical line and a vertical column in the first half of the chart. The column is the peak zone, the area which the vertical line should not exceed.

Spending time increasing the focus of different types of training (don’t ignore the physical aspects) will improve your players over the course of the season. This, of course, is a key aspect of the management of the team. The job of the players is to express themselves and your tactics on the pitch against every opponent, and they need to be in tip top condition technically, mentally and physically to do this.

Once you’ve customized your training regimes, don’t forget to apply them to your players. You’ll need to do this on a player-by player basis, choosing defensive training programs for defenders, attacking programs for strikers and attacking midfielders, and so forth.

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