Editing Freekicks and Corners in Championship Manager 2010

Editing Freekicks and Corners in Championship Manager 2010
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The Setpiece Editor

Free kicks just outside the area of the opposition goal offer a superb opportunity to score, or at the very least win a corner or penalty.

Available via the tactics screen, the Setpiece Editor can be used to tailor the pre-installed free kicks to your player’s skill requirements or your own design.

Four free kicks are included, two in which the player attempts to shoot at goal and two in which the player places a ball into the area for another attacking player to get on the end of.

These free kicks can be edited in the setpiece editor, a superb inclusion in the Championship Manager 2010 game.

Perfecting the Dead Ball

You can make adjustments to these pre-installed free kicks through the editor. A number of players can be involved, although no more than 3 is recommended or else the free kick will become over elaborate and give the opposition a chance to intercept the ball.

The main portion of the screen will display the layout of the free kick. This will show a series of numbered shirts representing your players around the opposition goal. They can be moved around, repositioned and given instructions.

These instructions are the core of the free kick editor, and these can be given in the upper right of the setpiece editor.

A new free kick can be created by going to Actions > Create new set-piece. From here you can build your free kick, add and remove players, instruct them to pass or cross, and so on.

Instructing Your Players

Finishing off the move with a strike on goal

Your first player in the list is the one who will strike the ball first. He can be used to drop the ball into the box or pass to a player on his left or right. By selecting this player in the designer screen, you can choose the following actions:


The player will attempt a strike on goal. Success at this depends on the player’s Set-piece ability and his Shooting ability. This will end the free kick, and no other players can be instructed.


The player will pass the ball - using the mouse select who/where the ball will be passed to. The recipient can be instructed to run to where the ball will be delivered.


Best used on free kicks on the wings of the penalty area, a high Set-piece rating and Crossing rating are required. Choose either the player or the area you wish to cross to.

Wait for runners

This option sees your player hold on to the ball until a player running into the area makes some space to collect the ball.


This removes the player from the current step of the set-piece designer.

Watch your players practice your free kick in Championship Manager 2010

The second player is introduced into the set-piece by selecting them as the recipient of a pass or cross. They can be given instructions such as run, hold position or they can be removed. Once added to the set-piece designer as an active player, they can be accessed in the step list in the top right corner, and from here be instructed to pass or shoot.

Players can be positioned around the penalty area or further down the pitch with instructions to run onto a pass from the free kick taker. If you choose this option it is a good idea to make the second player one with good ability at Long Shots because with the speed they have gained running towards the ball, a long strike will be powerful and accurate.

A third, fourth or even fifth player can be added to the set-piece. Beware making the free kick or corner over-complicated though.

Each step of the way, test the free kick or corner using the Practice Set-Piece button in the lower left of the screen. When you’re happy with the set-piece, add it into your team’s arsenal by checking the box next to its title at the top of the screen. Your players will be dying to try it out in the next match!

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