Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Necromancers

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Necromancers are an intelligence caster class and are equipped with a wide array of damage over time, fear, snare, and pet spells. Humans, Dark Elves, Gnomes, Iksar and Erudites are all able to choose the Necromancer class.


Necromancers are evil intelligence casters who call upon poison, disease and pestilence to instill fear and death upon their enemies. They are able to summon undead pets and have the ability to drain health from enemies. Necromancers are among the best soloing classes in the game and are often sought after in both groups and raids.


Necromancers have a wide variety of fear spells, allowing them to run, reverse kite or simply put off fighting the enemy until the fear spell wears off. They have the ability to resurrect, though it’s much more expensive to use than other classes with the same ability. They are able to snare and can summon pets to enhance their damage and hold agro.

The Necromancers most potent ability is their powerful DoT (Damage over Time) spells. They have the most DoTs in the game and in long battles, have the highest potential for DPS (Damage per Second). They are efficient and have a number of self buffs that allow them to regenerate mana at the expense of their health. Intelligence and stamina are both important stats for the Necromancer.


Necromancers are undoubtedly the best soloing class in the game. They can solo in several ways that involve no danger to the player. The most famous is their ability to reverse kite. This ability entails pulling an enemy with snare. While he is approaching, the Necromancer can cast DoT spells, followed by fear which leaves the enemy slowly walking away from the Necromancer. The pet should then attack the enemy and by the enemy dies shortly thereafter, with no damage taken.

Necromancers can also solo by simply kiting, which is basically doing the same thing as reverse kiting, except without fear. This is better in cramped situations and where you need to control where the enemy runs.

In groups and raids, the Necromancers usefulness increases as the duration of the battles increase, as their DoT spells are able to take full effect and do their maximum damage. While their fear and snare effects aren’t nearly as useful here, they also have the ability to pump their mana into other players, specifically the healer. This can often save lives, as a healer with no mana is useless and players can easily die.

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