Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Bard

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Bards are one of the most diverse and versatile of all classes in the MMO Everquest. Drakkins, Half Elves, Vah Shir, Wood Elves and Humans are all able to choose the Bard class.


Bards are a unique class. They are a strange mixture of the Enchanter and Rogue classes, but are able to wear plate armor. Instead of casting spells, Bards are able to sing mystical and enchanted songs. Unlike other classes, these songs cost no mana to play, and have a wider variety of effects than any other class. Even so, none of these abilities are better than the class that the Bard draws the ability from.


The songs a Bard is able to sing range from defensive and regenerative to damaging and enthralling. The most prominent and useful of Bard spells include Cassandra’s Chant of Clarity, which regenerates the mana of the entire group. This effect stacks with all other mana regeneration effects, and is extremely useful in eliminating downtime. They also have a song that regenerates health in the same way the former regenerates mana.

Where the real strength of the Bard come in to play though, is the ability “twist” songs, that is to have the effects of up to three of their songs active at any one time. By quickly starting and stopping a song after it takes effect, and repeating the process with another song, and then a third, the effects of all three of these songs is active. Then the Bard needs only revert back to the first song played and rinse and repeat.

Some of the most useful twists include playing a song to increase the attack speed of the Bard, reduce the attack speed of the enemy, and heal the Bards health simultaneously. Coupled with the AC (Armor Class) of plate armor, the Bard can be a formidable foe indeed.


The wide variety of songs available to Bards allows them to do almost any role available in a group, with the exception of the role of main healer. While Bards do have a few healing spells, the amount that is granted simply isn’t radical enough to keep a tank alive, especially later in the game.

Many times in groups, Bards are expected to play the role of Enchanters. They are required to use their mesmerizing spells to enthrall any extra creatures pulled to the group until the group is ready to handle them. This isn’t a Bards forte, as a bad resist could easily spell the death of the Bard. They are also formidable damage dealers and have the ability to dual wield. Coupled with their powerful haste and attack enhancement songs, and later their spell enhancement songs, Bards can magnify the damage dealt by a group significantly, and is the main role of Bards.

Where a Bard truly excels though is kiting. Kiting is the technique of running with an enemy trailing closely behind, while simultaneously killing that enemy. Bards are able to twist a song to increase their movement speed while decreasing their enemies movement speed and yet another song to deal damage to the enemy. Talented and skilled Bards can kill up to twenty mobs at one time, though this takes a high amount of practice and skill.

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