Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Beastlords

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Beastlords are a wisdom based pet class with substantial melee abilities in the MMO Everquest. Barbarians, Iksar, Vah Shir, Ogres and Trolls are all able to play the Beastlord class.


Beastlords are a hybrid class, that is a class that is the result of combining abilities and features of two different classes, in this case Monk and Shaman. Beastlords combine the martial fighting styles of Monks with the spiritual spells of Shamans, including their ability to summon a spirit warder.

Each different race of Beastlord summons a different spirit warder. The spirit warder is an essential in battle and is as much part of the class as the Beastlord himself. Barbarians are able to summon great ice wolves. Iksar are able to summon forth tough scaled wolves. Ogres summon mighty brown bears as their spirit warder. Trolls summon their swamp neighbors, alligators for their warders. Vah Shir, the race of cat people, summon their primal ancestor, the tiger for spirit warders.


The Beastlords strength comes from their pet and their variety of lower level Shaman spells. Their melee abilities are formidable, but are nothing without the spells and their pet backing them. Their pet is effectively half of their DPS (Damage per Second) output.

The most important spells a Beastlord has at it’s disposal are Slow spells. These spells radically decrease the attack speed of their opponents, allowing both them and their pets to survive when attacking enemies. They also have a range of both direct heals and pet only heals. This allows them to heal themselves when low on health, and more mana efficiently their pet.

Beastlords have a surprisingly powerful line of DD (Direct Damage) spells. This is counteracted by the long recast time that is imposed on all of these. They also have a powerful and effective series of spells that regenerate both health and mana. These spells stack with the even more powerful Enchanter line of mana regeneration spells.


Beastlords have two primary roles in groups. The first and most important is that of the Slower. At mid to higher levels, almost every group requires a Slower, otherwise the enemies DPS is too high for the main Healer to effectively and efficiently keep the tank alive. This alone makes Beastlords an often sought after member of every party.

Their second, and just as useful role, is that of a DPS class. Beastlords, along with their pets, are able to deal damage up to par with the other high damage classes in Everquest. Their ability to increase mana regeneration increases the DPS of their caster party members and help to keep the group pulling and gaining experience at a sustained rate.

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