Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Enchanter

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Enchanters are an intelligence caster class and are primarily a utility class, with a series of mana regeneration and mesmerizing spells. Humans, High Elves, Dark Elves, Gnomes and Erudites are all able to choose the Enchanter class.


Enchanters are able to wear only cloth armor, and almost always wear robes. Their primary stats are both intelligence and charisma. Intelligence affects their mana pool and their charisma has a direct relationship to the duration and effectiveness of their beguiling spells.


Enchanters have four very distinct abilities that set them apart from other classes. The first and most widely renowned spell they possess is their Clarity spells. These spells greatly increase the mana regeneration of players affected by these spells. This causes a high demand for Enchanters in group scenarios. Many Enchanters peddle this spell in densely populated areas to gain some spare money.

The second of these abilities is their mesmerizing line of spells. These spells successfully prevent monsters from attacking or moving while its duration lasts. This is highly coveted as most groups can’t handle more than one or two monsters at any given time. Another of their powerful group spells is Slow. This ability decreases the attack speed of enemies, and greatly limits their DPS, resulting in a much easier time for the tank to survive. Almost every group needs a Slower, and an Enchanter makes a great choice.

Charm is their last distinctive spell. These spells can turn any enemy or monster into their pet by dominating their will for a short period of time. Enchanters can then turn these enemies on other enemies and allow them to fight it out.


The main role of Enchanters in group situations is to keep the entire group buffed with a mana regeneration spells, mesmerize any additional enemies that come with the single monster pulled, and to slow every enemy the group encounters, making them manageable and much easier to kill.

Some Enchanters get involved with the soloing aspect of their class, but this is extremely dangerous and can easily turn into death. For an Enchanter to solo, it’s almost a necessity to Charm enemies and use them to fight others. If during a fight, the charm effect breaks, both enemies immediately turn on the Enchanter and there is a short window of opportunity to recast the Charm before death, especially at higher levels.

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