Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Wizard

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Wizards are an intelligence caster class and are able to deal the highest burst damage in Everquest. They are able to summon familiars that enhance their abilities and teleport to numerous locations across Norrath. Humans, Frogloks, Dark Elves, Gnomes, High Elves and Erudites are all able to choose the Wizard class.


Wizards are able to call upon the elements to deliver devastating damage to their foes. Wizards have the most powerful DD (Direct Damage) spells in Everquest and are versatile and well balanced. They are only able to wear cloth armor, but they have spells to keep enemies from taking advantage of this small weakness. The most popular Wizard race is by far Erudites, whose massive intelligence bolsters their mana pools enormously.


Wizards have do not have a very large variety of spells, but what they do have is very powerful. Almost all Wizard spells are DD spells of various elements, mana costs and cast times. Learning which are best in which situations is part of being a Wizard. No class on Norrath can compete with a Wizard in spell damage.

Wizards also have a line of teleport spells, which allow them to transport themselves and their parties to several different Wizard Spires scattered across Norrath. Many Wizards make their living by creating a “taxi” service where they charge platinum to teleport individuals to distant locales. The usefulness of this has gone down with the release of recent expansions. A system of Books is now used to transport players to various starting cities and other places of interest, both on Norrath and Luclin.


Wizards are able to solo extremely well and can do so in a number of different ways. They have a series of AoE (Area of Effect) snare, root and damage spells, which allows the Wizard to kill multiple enemies at one time, conserving time and mana. Many Wizards simply root the enemy and blast it to oblivion with their powerful magic attacks. If and when the root breaks, Wizards can simply recast and resume their barrage.

Wizards are often wanted in groups for their devastating damage abilities that reduce pull time in groups dramatically. Wizards also have a line of Evacuation spells. These spells transport all nearby group members to a safe point in the zone, and can often be used in emergency situations and prevent the group from dying. Wizards have next to no beneficial spells to cast and therefore have little worry about anything besides dealing damage in groups.

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