Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Monks

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Monks are a melee oriented damage dealing class, they though are extremely capable tanks and pullers. Only Humans and Iksar have the mental and physical discipline to choose the Monk class.


Monks have honed both their mind and body to perfection and are among the most capable and versatile characters in Everquest. They have a wide variety of abilities that allow them to solo and group equally well. Monks also have lines of Monk only quests that keep them equipped with their unique armor. Their primary stats are strength and agility.


Monks have many different melee techniques that increase their damage dealing capabilities immeasurably. They are able to fight equally well with their fists and with weapons, due to an innate bonus while fist fighting. They are able to use both one-handed and two-handed staves, clubs and hand to hand weapons.

Monks have the amazing ability to Feign Death. This ability causes them to appear dead to enemies, making them lose interest in the Monk. This ability has a number of different uses and is widely used throughout the entire game. Their amazing mitigation and avoidance abilities allows them to tank, not quite as well as true tank classes, but adequate enough, especially against mobs a few levels lower than them.


In group situations, Monks can play any role from tank to puller to DPS (Damage per Second). This allows them to be admitted into almost any group with an empty spot, and they are most notably known for their ability to pull. This is due to their Feign Death ability. With this ability, a skilled Monk can pull any number of enemies close to the group, and the first pulled will stay a few seconds longer than the rest of the enemies. This gives the tank a chance to tag the chosen enemy and pull it alone to the group, and the Monk may then stand up and join in DPS until time for the next pull.

Monks, with all of their amazing combat abilities, can deal damage with the best of the DPS classes. Their most notable, Flying Kick, can be used often and with the right Alternate Advancement Abilities, can perform Thunderous Kicks dealing huge amounts of damage.

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