Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Shamans

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Shamans are a priest class with the best line of stat buffs in Everquest, along with powerful heals and detrimental spells. Barbarians, Frogloks, Iksar, Ogres, Vah Shir and Trolls are all able to choose the Shaman class.


Shamans are mystics and have a deep attunement with the spiritual world. Shamans call upon these spirits to cast beneficial spells on their party members and plague their enemies with poison and crippling weakness. Shamans are always highly sought after in groups and are a very capable soloing class.


Shamans have a wide variety of buffs that increase not just one, but all stats, and even allows them to exceed their maximum values. Shaman buffs also stack with Cleric buffs, allowing health and other stats to soar to new heights. Shamans have a fair amount of heal spells, and are often capable of healing for simple and low-key group situations.

While Shamans excel in heals and buffs, they also have a fair amount of DoT (Damage over Time) spells. These are almost solely poison based and deal a high amount of damage and can often draw agro from pets and low threat classes. Shamans have the most powerful attack speed debuff spells in the game. These Slow spells allow groups to survive against more powerful enemies, and is often required in end-game raids and groups.

Perhaps a Shamans most powerful spell is Cannibalize. This spell exchanges the Shamans health for mana. The rate of conversion is highly favorable, and the Shaman can then heal the health and still have a higher amount of mana than he started with. This is especially true with a health regeneration spell active or with an Iksar or Troll Shaman with an innate health regeneration bonus.


Shamans are primarily a utility class, and while they can be substituted with Bards or Enchanters, neither of these classes is able to heal. Their ability to back-up heal makes them highly favorable, besides the fact that their DPS is stronger than Enchanters. Most Shamans spend their group experiences casting a Slow, DoT and then waiting to heal anyone needing it.

Shamans are able to summon a weak, lower level wolf familiar, and this wolf allows them to solo. They can infuse the wolf with all of their buffs, making it a much more powerful pet than it started, and cripple their enemies with slows, strength debuffs, and DoTs to tip the battle in their favor. Shamans are able to wear chain armor, but this is only a last resort defense and by no means allows them to tank in any situation.

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