Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Magician

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Magicians are an intelligence caster class and are first and foremost a pet class. They are able to summon everything from weapons to flight rings to elemental minions to do their bidding. Humans, Dark Elves, Gnomes, High Elves and Erudites are all able to choose the Magician class.


Magicians are elemental conjurers, and are able to summon forth the powers of earth, wind, fire and water to destroy their enemies. They are most commonly noted for having the ability to summon their elemental pets. They are only able to wear cloth armor and should avoid being attacked by any means necessary. Their primary stat is intelligence, as it increases their mana pool and the rate at which their skills increase.


Magicians have the second most powerful DD (Direct Damage) spells in the game. They have a line of bolt spells that require a direct line of sight with the caster, and anything standing between the caster and the target will negate the spell. However, these bolt spells have the highest damage out of all the Magicians nukes (Attack Spells). To complement these spells, they also have a line of elemental resistance debuff spells, allowing their spells to hit for full damage with a much lower chance to be resisted.

The Magicians primary claim to fame is their amazing ability to summon pets. Mages are able to summon four different pets, each corresponding to one of the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air. Magicians are also able to summon weapons, armor, arrows and quivers, food and water, and a plethora of utility items that have various enchantments to help with a variety of scenarios.


Of the four pets Magicians can summon, each is suitable for a different situation, and has a different specialization. The Earth pet is a Warrior pet and is primarily the tanking pet with the highest health of all the pets. The special ability of this pet is it’s Root spell, which adheres the enemy to the ground. The Fire pet is the equivalent to a wizard following the Magician around. Commanding an arsenal of powerful wizard spells, it can deal large amounts of magic damage in a short period of time. The downfall to this pet is it’s lack of intelligence. It can’t make important decisions like when to root, when to cast and when to melee attack. It can cast a powerful damage shield on itself, but it usually blows through it’s mana pool so fast it isn’t of much use except for fun.

The Water pet is the highest damage pet available and is modeled after the Rogue class. This pet has high melee damage and casts a powerful cold damage spell frequently. When behind the enemy, it has the ability to Backstab the target, causing increased damage, as well as assassinate lower level enemies, killing them instantly. The final pet and perhaps most useful is the Air pet. This pet is modeled after the Monk class and has extremely high avoidance and melee potential. It is a capable tank and frequently casts a stun spell.

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