Everquest Beginner Class Guide – Paladin

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Paladins are a tanking class with additional holy spells and are able to benefit their groups in a number of ways from healing to tanking. Humans, High Elves, Frogloks, Gnomes, Erudites, Halflings, Half Elves and Dwarves are all able to choose the Paladin class.


Paladins are a hybrid class. They are a combination of the tanking and combat abilities of Warriors and the healing and curing abilities of Clerics. This results in a unique playing experience with a number of uses and abilities to suit all situations. Paladins require several stats to be truly effective. These include stamina, strength and wisdom.


Paladins have an innately high amount of health, and this allows them to tank better than most classes, and are second best only to Warriors. What really sets the Paladin apart is their line of group heal spells. These abilities simultaneously heal every member of the group within a radius around the Paladin. This makes them ideal for back up healers as Clerics won’t have to take time healing each individual member.

Paladins have a secret weapon for maintaining agro when tanking. This is the stun. Stuns not only generate a high amount of threat, they also prevent the enemy from casting spells or attacking for a short amount of time. This makes it a valuable commodity for Paladins. Paladins have a unique class ability available at level one. This ability is Lay Hands. Lay Hands instantly heals the target character for health equal to the Paladins. Given that Paladins are tanks and have an amazingly high amount of stamina and health, this usually fully heals anyone at or around the same level as the Paladin.


Paladins are primarily tanks, and very popular ones at that. They have a fair share of Cleric buffs and heals, making them able to buff themselves and party members without having to seek out a cleric. Paladins are not often main tanks in raids, as most raid bosses are immune to stuns. They are however commonly used to cure raid groups and use their group heals to keep the DPS members alive, a very important role indeed.

For soloing, Paladins primarily outlast their enemies. They wear plate armor and this gives them a very high amount of defense. With the ability to heal themselves and a powerful two-handed weapon, Paladins can inflict a good bit of damage while keeping their own health at a safe level. Their stuns reduce the time they are attacked and can interrupt enemies casting heals.

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