The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Trolls

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Trolls
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Want to Play as a Troll?

Trolls are one of sixteen available starting races in Everquest. This is one of the races that is available with the original version of the game, another one is the High Elves race. In Everquest, the race of the character determines a great deal on how the character will turn out, including types of wearable armor, faction and race specific abilities. Trolls can choose between five classes to play as.

Troll Basics

Trolls are arguably the least attractive race on Norrath. Putrid greenish brown skin covers a huge nose, pointed disfigured ears and a gaping maw. Their eyes bulge almost to the point of exiting the socket. Needless to say, this is not a favorite playable race for the female gamers.

Trolls live in their home city of Grobb. Recently, the Frogloks of Guk emerged and laid siege to the Troll city. They succeeded and the Trolls were forced out. The refugees were welcomed into the Dark Elf city of Neriak. Later, the Trolls re-assembled their forces and retook the city, now called Gukta. The defeated Frogloks were forced to establish a camp in the Rathe Mountains. The Trolls renamed their city Grobb.


Trolls are big creatures, and are only able to wear the large sized armor. They have the powerful ability of Enhance Regeneration. This allows them to go longer durations without having to heal. Trolls also have Infravision. This allows them to see in both darkness and light. Their large size allows them to Slam. This is an ability similar to Bash, but unlike Bash, Slam can be used without a Shield equipped. Trolls have high strength and stamina, as expected. Surprisingly, they also have a higher than average agility stat.


BEASTLORD – At level 8, Troll Beastlords gain a spell allowing them to summon a spirit warder. This “pet” varies for different races. Trolls are able to summon crocodiles. The size of the crocodiles increases as the level of the summoning spell increases. Troll Beastlords are able to tank extremely well. This allows them to take a large amount of damage before they need to back away and heal while their pet holds agro.

BERSERKER – Trolls have great melee stats. Their high strength and agility allow for amazing damage dealing capabilities. They can swing hard and fast with their devastating two handed axes. The ability to also Slam can interrupt casting enemies.

SHADOWKNIGHT – Low intelligence hurts Troll Shadowknights mana pool significantly. Their Enhanced Regeneration allows them to tank for longer periods of time before requiring heals, and lets them conserve mana normally reserved for health tapping.

SHAMAN – Trolls have an extremely high potential as Shamans. Their Enhanced Regeneration couples almost perfectly with the Shaman spell Cannibalize. This spell drains the Shamans health and turns it into mana. The regeneration in essence increases their mana pool by leaps and bounds.

WARRIOR – Troll Warriors are a great class race combination. Regeneration allows them to tank longer without needing heals. High melee stats increase survivability and damage dealing capabilities. Most Warrior gear is usable by large races.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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