The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Wood Elves

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Wood Elves
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So You Want to be a Wood Elf?

Wood Elves are one of sixteen available starting races in the Everquest MMO, such as with the Trolls race. They are available with the original version of the game, so no expansions are needed to play as this race. In Everquest, race has a great bearing on how the character will turn out, including wearable armor, faction and racial abilities. Wood Elves can choose between five classes to play as.

Wood Elves - Basics

Wood Elves are a race of Elves (not to be mixed up with the Half Elves race) who live deep in the forests of the Greater Faydark on the continent of Faydwer. They have brownish, almost bark colored skin. They are petite and inhabit the boughs of the great trees of their woods. They call their wooded city Kelethin, which is under constant threat by the Orcs of Crushbone, who constantly encroach on the Wood Elves, and their territory.

Wood Elves - Strengths

This is one of the races that is able to wear both small and medium sized armor, allowing for a diverse array of equipment. As with other Elvish races, Wood Elves have innate Infravision. This allows them to see equally well in both light and darkness. They also have a fifty point bonus to Forage, allowing them to gather food and drink from their environment. Forage can be used one every few seconds. This skill can also gather quest items when used in the proper zones. This race also has a fifty point bonus to Hide, allowing them to remove themselves from vision when they choose.

Classes for Wood Elves

BARD – Wood Elf Bards have a variety of high stats that are important to this class. Their Infravision reduces the amount of songs they have to sing. Their ability to wear both small and medium sized armor allows them to equip any and all Bard armor.

DRUID – Wood Elf Druids are among the most common race class combinations on Norrath. Wood Elves are a wisdom based race, just as Druids are wisdom based casters. Their ability to Forage allows them to complete many Druid quests later in the game that require foraged quest items. All Druid armor is wearable by Wood Elves.

RANGER – Wood Elf Rangers have high agility, a prime stat for bow damage. Rangers use Bows solely for damage later in the game, and every bonus they can get helps. Their high wisdom helps to boost the Rangers normally low mana pool.

ROGUE – The fifty point bonus to Hide accents the Rogues stealthy abilities, especially early on in the game. Their high agility and dexterity maximize damage done and emphasis should be placed on stamina, health and strength.

WARRIOR – Wood Elf Warriors are a rather gear dependant race class combination. Their lower strength and stamina, means that Warriors need massive amounts of both, which can hinder their abilities, especially at lower levels when stat heavy gear is hard to come by.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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