The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Ogre

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Ogre
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Want to Play as an Ogre?

The Ogres are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest. They are available with the original version of the game, and are somewhat similar to the Trolls race in the game. Races in Everquest have a great bearing on how the character will turn out. Ogres are able to choose between five different classes to play the game as.

Ogre Basics

Ogres are giant, brutish, ravenous humanoids. Known to eat most of the other races, they have a very small list of allies. They are an evil race, preventing entry into most cities in Norrath. Their home city of Oggok is located on Antonica. Ogres were originally an intelligent race, powerful of harnessing powerful arcane magic. They were later punished by the Pantheon for assisting Rallos Zek in his attempt to overtake the Planes of Power. Needless to say, this isn’t a very popular race to play as.

Ogre Strengths

Ogres are large, and are only able to equip the large sized armor. This limits a lot of armor available for use. They are granted with innate Infravision, allowing them to see in the dark. Most races have to use spells, potions or equipment to gain this ability. Ogres start with the Slam ability. This ability allows players to Bash without a shield equipped. This makes dual wielding and two-handed weapons much more feasible. Ogres also have a negative twenty to fire resistance. This isn’t as devastating as it sounds. At later levels when resists become important, most gear has at least positive twenty to every resist. Their size keeps them from being stunned from the front. This is a great racial ability and does a lot to make up with some of the other drawbacks.


BEASTLORD – At level 8, Ogre Beastlords are able to summon bears for pets. These bears increase in size as the summoning spell raises in level, until the bear rivals the Ogre in size. High strength and stamina help Ogre Beastlords tank, especially when their pet is getting low on health. They also have a much better chance of successfully casting spells when being attacked due to their stun immunity. Low intelligence hurts the mana pool of the Ogre Beastlord, so mana conversation techniques must be employed.

BERSERKER – Berserkers are one of the finest Ogre classes. Berserker is the only real damage dealing class Ogres can choose. The Ogre’s high strength allows them to realize their maximum potential in this role. Low agility and dexterity don’t help when tanking, but that’s not what a Berserker’s job is. High stamina helps the Berserker to survive if he draws agro.

SHADOWKNIGHT – Large armor is very limiting for the Ogre Shadowknight. Shadowknight armor is geared more toward medium sized races. Stun immunity from the front allows Shadowknights to cast any spells without much risk for being interrupted. Unfortunately, low intelligence keeps their mana pool low, and will result in many fizzles, especially getting started casting.

SHAMAN – Ogre Shamans have low wisdom, resulting in a low mana pool. This is countered by their huge amount of health, and the ability to cannibalize (convert health to mana). Wisdom gear should be the focus of any Ogre Shaman. Slam doesn’t have any practical use for the Ogre Shaman. Most Shaman gear is large sized, so Ogres get the best choices.

WARRIOR – The Ogre race and Warrior class are made for each other. Complete with whole sets of Ogre Warrior armor, high strength and stamina and the ability to dual wield and Slam, the Ogre Warrior is almost the perfect Warrior. AC (Armor Class) should be a priority for any gear you purchase.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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