The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Frogloks

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Frogloks
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Want to Play as a Frogloks?

The Frogloks are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest. This race is only available with the Legacy of Ykesha expansion pack. Races in Everquest have a big influence on how the character will turn out throughout the game. Frogloks are able to choose between three different classes to play as.

Frogloks Basics

Frogloks are what they sound like, frogs with the ability to stand upright, talk and they have other Humanoid characteristics. Frogloks are a goodly race. They are primarily worshippers of Mithaniel Marr. Frogloks are originally from the underground city of Guk, found in Innothule Swamp on the continent of Antonica. They soon tired of their hole and assaulted the Troll race, which were their neighbors. The Frogloks successfully routed the Trolls and took over their city. The name was then changed from Grobb to Gukta. The Frogloks were unable to get a firm foothold in Gukta, and soon the Trolls reclaimed their home town and the Frogloks were forced to flee to the nearby Rathe Mountains. There they have a small encampment in the south.


Frogloks have a 125 point bonus to the Swimming skill. With a Swimming skill of 1, characters move at a crawl through water. A skill of 125 allows Frogloks to fly through any aquatic locales. Frogloks also have innate Infravision, allowing them to see equally well in darkness and light. They have the ability to wear both small and medium armor sizes.


Everquest Legacy of Ykesha screenshot

CLERIC – Frogloks have relatively average beginning stats. This allows them to make competent Clerics, who rely heavily on Wisdom. Their ability to wear small and medium armor increases the variety they may wear, and allows them to wear all cleric armor.

PALADIN – Froglok Paladins make average tanks, but take great fervor in this class. Their god Mithaniel Marr is the father of Paladins. Make sure to put points into wisdom, strength and stamina.

NECROMANCER – Necromancers are an evil class, and don’t mesh well with the honorable Frogloks. Intelligence and stamina are the most important stats for a Necromancer. Almost all Necromancer armor is available for Frogloks to wear.


  • Images and references from Everquest.

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