The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Halflings

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Halflings
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Want to Play as a Halfling?

Halflings are one of sixteen available starting races in Everquest, such as the Wood Elves.They are available with the original version of the game. In Everquest, the race of the character has a big influence on how the character will turn out, including wearable types of armor, faction and racial abilities. Halflings can choose between five classes to play as.

Halflings Basics

Halflings are startlingly similar to Tolkien’s Hobbits. Short, pudgy and hairy footed, Halflings are deceivingly dexterous. They are welcome in all goodly and neutral cities. They live in a hidden away city called Rivervale. Sandwiched between the haunted Kithicor Woods and the homely Misty Thicket, Rivervale is a calm, peaceful city.

Halflings Strengths

Perhaps due to their diet of hearty fruits and vegetables, Halflings have an innate resistance bonus of five points to both poison and disease. They also have Infravision, an ability that allows them to see clearly in darkness and light. Halflings are only able to wear the small sized armor.

Halflings have a fifty point bonus to both the Sneak and Hide skills. This allows them near invisibility, even at level one. Rogues take particular advantage of these abilities, and this makes for a great boon and head start to the game for them.

Classes Halflings Can Play As

CLERIC – Halflings are a wisdom based race. This allows them to focus on stats other than wisdom. Stamina and charisma are important Cleric stats. Halfling Clerics are limited on equipable armor, as most Cleric armor is the medium sized variety. It is sometimes worth it for a Halfling Cleric to wear some all race / all class cloth armor.

DRUID – Halfling Druids are a very popular and effective race class combination. Halflings high wisdom and stamina are perfect for Druids. Most of the Druid armor is equipable by small races, and the ability to Sneak and Hide make for great utility uses.

ROGUE – Halflings are among the best Rogues. Their high dexterity and agility maximize damage output. Rogue armor is almost always small and medium sized wearable. Strength should be raised as much as possible. The bonus to Sneak and Hide give Halfling Rogues a leg up when Sneaking and Backstabbing monsters.

PALADIN – While Halfling Paladins are good on premise, there are almost none anywhere. Their wisdom, stamina and agility make a good base for Paladins. Strength and stamina need to be augmented none the less. Health, mana and wisdom are also important. The ability to Sneak and Hide give Paladins the unique ability of near invisibility.

WARRIOR – Halfling Warriors are a gear dependant race class combination. They have decent melee stats. Unfortunately though, Warriors need them in excess. This makes them a bad choice for beginning players.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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