The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Dark Elves

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Dark Elves
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Want to Play as a Dark Elf?

The Dark Elves are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest. They are available with the original version of the game, and are elves, but not the same as the High Elves race. Races in Everquest have a big influence on how the character will turn out in the game. Dark Elves are able to choose between eight different classes to play as.

Dark Elf Basics

Dark Elves are the distant cousins of the benevolent High Elves. As their name implies, they are both dark skinned and dark natured. This is one of the least popular races on Norrath. Known as the Tier’dal, they hail from the dank, underground city of Neriak.

Strengths of Dark Elves

Dark Elves are able to wear both small and medium armor, increasing their list of equipable gear by almost double. They are able to see in both light and darkness, due to their innate Ultravision. This is the most powerful vision enchantment in the game. Dark Elves also have an innate fifty point bonus to the Hide skill.


CLERIC – Dark Elves have an innately higher intelligence stat. They still have a fair enough amount of wisdom, and a good mana pool. Dark Elf Clerics should focus on wisdom equipment first and foremost.

ENCHANTER – Dark Elf Enchanters have a low charisma stat, probably due to their insidious nature. They should allocate their skill points in charisma foremost, and any remaining in intelligence.

MAGICIAN – Dark Elf Magicians have a high intelligence skill and decent stamina. These are the two most important stats for Magicians. Allocate all points first in intelligence, and any remaining in stamina.

NECROMANCER – Stamina is the most important stat for Necromancers. Allocating skills this way will make it harder in lower levels. Later in the game, Necromancers are able to turn health into mana. The bonus to stamina now is more mana later, and more playing will be done later.

ROGUE – Dark Elf Rogues have a head start over other Rogues. The plus fifty bonus to hide allows them to be stealthy before they get their skills up, and can save their lives in many situations. High agility and dexterity increase damage output. Strength should be focused on, since Dark Elves have a lower strength stat than others.

SHADOWKNIGHT – The high intelligence of Dark Elf Shadowknights prevents them from having to burn too many resources in it. Strength and stamina should be the primary focus for any Dark Elf Shadowknight. The ability to wear both small and medium armor make this easier.

WARRIOR – Dark Elf Warriors have high agility and dexterity innately. Strength and stamina should be the main concern of both equipment and initial skill point allocations. The ability to hide helps for regenerating without getting caught.

WIZARD – Dark Elves have lots of intelligence. Even so, every point at allocation should go directly into intelligence. Any remaining points can go to stamina. All equipment purchased should have either intelligence, mana or stamina.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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