The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Half Elves

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Half Elves
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Want to Play as a Half Elf?

The Half Elves are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest, similar but not the same as the Wood Elves race. They are available with the original version of the game. Races in Everquest have a large influence on how the character will turn out. Half Elves are able to choose between six different classes to play as.

Half Elves Basics

Half Elves are the result of the union of Humans and Wood Elves. They don’t have a city to call their own, and are generally outcasts. Looked down upon by the Elves, such as the Dark Elves race and not quite accepted by Humans, Half Elves must live lives of solitude. They can best be described as agile Humans or sturdy Elves.

Strengths of Half Elves

Half Elves are blessed with the agility and dexterity of their Elvin parents. This coupled with the average base stats of Humans, makes for a unique character with very high potential. Their increased size doesn’t allow them to wear both small and medium sized armor, like their Elvin forefathers. Half Elves inherited Infravision. The lack of this is one of the main drawbacks to Humans.

Half Elves are also able to start in the widest variety of starting locations. This allows them to pick the best city for the class they choose. Half Elves should always scout all locations available to them to find the right one.


BARD – Half Elf Bards have the high stamina to survive attacks, the intelligence to complement their variety of skill ups, and good agility and dexterity to deal damage well. Equipment like Phase Spider Carapace are good to keep all stats raised.

DRUID – Half Elf Druids lack the wisdom of their Wood Elf cousins. They have a higher stamina stat, but Druids shouldn’t be attacked, and if they do, death will follow shortly thereafter regardless.

PALADIN – A popular combination due to their high wisdom and melee stats. Half Elf Paladins are able to tank and heal proficiently. Most Paladin armor is medium sized, allowing Half Elves to stay equipped in the best equipment available.

RANGER – High wisdom allows Half Elf Rangers to kite without running out of mana. Their equally high agility increases their bow damage. Rangers are sometimes prodded into tanking situations and their stamina and strength make them proficient at both.

ROGUE – Half Elves make some of highest damage dealing Rogues. Their strength maximizes the damage of normally low damage daggers. Stamina and agility keep their survivability up for when the Rogue expectedly draws agro.

WARRIOR – Half Elves have a lot of the melee stats that Warriors need to tank. Their health is lower than is normal for Warriors, but their higher agility and dexterity help for weapon enchantments and AC (Armor Class).


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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