The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Barbarian

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Barbarian
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Want to Play as a Barbarian?

The Barbarians are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest. They are available with the original version of Everquest along with other races, such as the High Elves race. The races in Everquest have a great bearing on how the character will turn out. Barbarians are able to choose between five different classes to play the game as.

Barbarian Basics

The Barbarians are a goodly race of giant Humans. They have great stature, and even greater strength. The Barbarians live in the wintry Everfrost Mountains. They hail from the city of Halas, which is only accessible by boat making it easily defensible. They have a very good relations with the Dwarves, and their neighbor city of Qeynos.

Strengths of Barbarians

Barbarians are able to equip both large and medium armor sizes. This allows for a larger variety of equipment. Due to their frigid homeland, this race has an innate positive ten to cold resistance. Barbarians also have the innate ability of Slam. This allows them to Bash without having a shield equipped. They also have high strength, stamina, agility and dexterity. This is the formula for great melee classes.


BEASTLORD – At level 8, Barbarian Beastlords obtain a summoning spell allowing them to summon a wolf pet. The size of this pet increases with the level of the summoning spell. Barbarian Beastlords do most of the tanking, leaving their pets to mainly deal damage. Wisdom is of utmost importance, as Barbarians have a lower stat.

BERSERKER – Berserker is one of the most commonly chosen Barbarian classes. The Berserker is a melee oriented damage dealing class. Barbarians have high strength and stamina, both of which a Berserker needs in spades.

ROGUE – Rogue seems like an unlikely class for Barbarians. Surprisingly, as Rogues are melee damage dealers, Barbarians do very well. High strength keeps the low damage of their daggers high. Their equally high stamina allows them to survive longer than other races if agro is drawn.

SHAMAN – High stamina is a boon for any Shaman. The Barbarians unusually high stamina makes up for their significantly lower wisdom. Cannabalize, an ability that allows Shamans to convert health to mana, should be used liberally.

WARRIOR – Barbarian is the ultimate goodly Warrior. Coupled with the highest of melee stats, high health and Slam, the Barbarian is a Warrior. Medium and large armor capabilities make for the best combinations of AC (Armor Class), health and melee stats.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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