The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Gnomes

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Gnomes
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Want to Play as a Gnome?

The Gnomes are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest. They are available with the original version of Everquest, along with others such as the High Elves race. The races in the game has a rather large influence on how the character will turn out in the game. Gnomes are able to choose between ten different classes to play as.

Gnome Basics

The Gnomes of Everquest are stereotypical tinkering, short humanoids. They inhabit a series of mines below the Steamfont Mountains, and a sect of gnomes live in the Plane of Innovation, creating monstrous machines for the Gods. Gnomes have also constructed a giant city, floating far above the Steamfont Mountains. Their city of Ak’anon is a place of mechanical wonders, and all goodly and neutral races are welcome there.

Strengths of Gnomes

Gnomes are the only race on Norrath able to use the Tinkering tradeskill. This makes for a money making goldmine. The goods supplied by this tradeskill are always in high demand and Tinkerers can usually name their own price. Due to their extensive time spent underground, they have natural Infravision, allowing them to see equally well in the light and dark.

A Gnome’s size also allows for negotiating into small nooks and crevices. Endgame raids and groups usually require participants to use Shrinking potions to decrease clutter. Gnomes are exempt to this due to their short stature. Additionally, they are only able to wear small sized armor. This limits gear that is wearable for this race, especially for melee classes.


CLERIC – In Everquest, classes are either inclined towards intelligence or wisdom. Gnomes are an intelligence based race. This means that Gnome Clerics are forced to put all their gear, and stat points towards intelligence and mana, causing lower health.

ENCHANTER – Gnomish Enchanters have an above average intelligence and charisma skill. This allows them to increase both equally and also makes room for stamina gear.

PALADIN – Gnome Paladins are among the least popular race class combinations on Norrath. Low melee stats, low wisdom and a low selection of plate armor make for an uphill struggle from level one to eighty.

MAGICIAN – Gnome Magicians are a very common combination. Stamina and health are a big emphasis, and should be followed very closely by intelligence and mana.

NECROMANCER – Gnomes don’t have a high stamina stat. Emphasis should be placed on health and stamina first, and intelligence second. Gnome Necromancers will have trouble finding places to train and re-supply. They should stock up any chance they get.

ROGUE – Rogues require high dexterity and agility. Being the small nimble creatures they are, Gnomes are abundant in both of these stats. Strength and stamina are lacking, but can easily be increased by gear.

SHADOWKNIGHT – The intelligence of Gnomes make for a very decent mana pool for Shadowknights. Gnome Shadowknights are more attuned to the casting and draining aspects of the class. Emphasis on stamina will allow them to tank without much trouble.

WARRIOR – Gnome Warriors have low strength and stamina. They need to focus on health and stamina more than anything. Strength is secondary, and anything extra can go to agility and dexterity, in that order.

WIZARD – Gnome Wizards are a good combination. The Gnomish Tinkering devices help with some of the intense kiting situations Wizards get into. High Intelligence and mana pool should be augmented by even more intelligence and mana until intelligence caps.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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