The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Vah Shir

The Everquest Beginner Race Guide – Vah Shir
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Want to Play as a Vah Shir?

The Vah Shir are one of the sixteen starting races in Everquest. They are only available with the Shadows of Luclin expansion pack to the game. The races in Everquest have a large influence on how the character will turn out when playing through the game. The Vah Shir are able to choose between six different classes to play as.

Vah Shir Basics

The Vah Shir are a race of cat people who live on the moon (Luclin). They hail from their great city of Shar Vahl. This city is a center of knowledge and learning for all friendly residents of Luclin. They are a very neutral race that are accepted by almost all races on Norrath. The Vah Shir did not venture to Norrath until the Wizard Alkabor opened a portal to transport denizens to and from Luclin.


The Vah Shir have the innate Infravision ability. This allows them to see equally well in both light and darkness. Vah Shir also have a fifty point bonus to the Sneak skill. This greatly reduces the chance they will be detected while sneaking, especially when they are getting started. Vah Shir have one major downside, their Enhanced Metabolism forces them to ingest food and drink much faster than the other races. A Vah Shir should always make sure to have a great deal of food and drink before setting out on an adventure. They are also able to equip both medium and large sized armor, giving them a much wider variety of gear.


BARD – Vah Shir Bards have more survivability than any other Bards. Their naturally higher stamina and agility allow them to survive longer if ever kiting goes wrong. Their Sneak bonus keeps them safe when prowling where they shouldn’t.

BEASTLORD – At level 8, Vah Shir Beastlords are able to summon great tigers as pets. The size of their tigers increase as the level of the summon spell increases. They have decent wisdom, giving them an average mana pool. Stamina is an important stat allowing them to tank when their pet gets low on health.

BERSERKER – Strength is the primary concern for any Vah Shir Berserker. This is primarily a damage dealing class, so some stamina is needed incase agro is drawn. Medium and large armor allow for a wide variety of plate armor to keep them upgraded.

ROGUE – Vah Shir Rogues start with a fifty point bonus to Sneak, allowing for a jump start to their stealthy career. Dexterity and strength are the most important stats to help keep damage as high as possible.

SHAMAN – Vah Shir Shamans have high wisdom and stamina, the two most important Shaman stats. Their ability to equip both medium and large armor allow for a wide variety of gear. This frees up plenty of money for food and drink.

WARRIOR – Warrior is a common class choice for Vah Shir. Above average strength, agility and stamina all make for a great Warrior. Focus on health, stamina and AC (Armor Class) on all gear you buy.


  • Image and references from Everquest.

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