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Warhammer Online RvR Guide: Stonetroll Crossing - Conclusions

by: Michael Hartman ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This concludes the Realm vs. Realm guide for Stonetroll Crossing - a Tier 2 scenario in Warhammer Online.

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    Final Tips for Stonetroll Crossing in Warhammer Online

    Here are a few final tips for the tier 2 scenario, Stonetroll Crossing, in Warhammer Online:

    The various rock formations provide many opportunities for blocking line of sight if you are under attack at range. There are not very many places to hide, however, so ranged attackers and healers are a bit more vulnerable here than in some other scenarios. You can try perching on top of one of the rocks, but the combat moves around so rapidly that will not last long.

    One of the most common mistakes people make when they pick up the pacifier is frantically dropping off the top in a huge rush to get to a pacify location. All this accomplishes generally is snaring the carrier (due to low health) and then the other side moves in for the quick kill and pacifier steal. Use the ramps to get at least half way down before dropping.

    Sometimes when trying to pacify a location it will interrupt itself. If this happens, move a little bit and then try again. Usually you will then be able to pacify the location. Stubbornly trying the same spot over and over again will just waste time and most likely result in either running out of time or being killed when enemies show up.

    More so than most other scenarios, the keys to victory here are STAYING TOGETHER and COMMUNICATING. If you support your carrier, you can easily pacify the locations. If you communicate where you are heading with the pacifier (or where the enemy is heading with it), other members of your team can move in to assist or intercept. The map is not that big, so people that are respawning can usually get to the right location in less than a minute. But if they do not know where to go, they will most likely just wander around to kill or be killed.

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    Stonetroll Crossing is an amazingly fun scenario. There is usually a lot of fast paced action, and you generally stay on the move. The scenario rewards good tactics and punishes sloppy play. This is one of the few scenarios where you can easily and soundly defeat a team that outnumbers and/or outlevels you. It is a real shame that this scenario does not launch as often as Phoenix Gate or Mourkain Temple. If it is a code thing, I hope they fix it soon. If it is simply players not queueing for it, I hope this guide can help change people's mind about the scenario. In my opinion, it is the best of the Tier 2 scenarios, and one of the best Warhammer Online RvR scenarios overall.