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Warhammer Online RvR Guide: Stonetroll Crossing - Suggestions for Improvement

by: Michael Hartman ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This section of the guide has suggestions for improving the Stonetroll Crossing scenario in Warhammer Online.

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    General Scenario Improvements

    These suggestions apply to all scenarios, but they are really worth addressing again as they are important.

    Increase the Delay Before Beginning: What's the rush? People wait patiently to get in a scenario, don't ruin it with a crazed, chaotic start. Give people time to zone in, get buffed, and discuss strategy. Another 1 or 2 minutes would not slow down the action. On servers or at times of the day when scenarios are not popping fast, the crazy rush makes even less sense. Help ensure a fun scenario experience by giving people time to get off to a proper start.

    Do Not Start Scenarios While Numerically Unbalanced: This one should be obvious. If it is 12 on 8 or 11 on 9, WAIT! There is no need to be in such a crazy rush to start. It is really disappointing to finally get into a scenario, start playing, and then have it tell you the scenario will be shutting down in 60 seconds because it is unbalanced.

    Let People Enter Even While in Combat with NPCs: There is absolutely no reason for this. You can enter dead, and then get no penalty for dying, so there is no benefit to escaping a combat this way. Having significant numbers of team members get into a scenario late can really ruin things for everyone else on the team. In some scenarios, getting off to a bad start can create a major point defecit, or worse it can make people give up when they assume it is a lost cause.

    Immunity Timer When Zoning Out: What is the purpose behind zoning people out of a completed scenario with no immunity timer, so when they finish zoning they are dead or nearly dead to NPCs? What is the harm in a 30 second timer where they are immune and cannot attack? There seems to be an institutional belief that players should not be out fighting in the PvE world between scenarios. This makes no sense. A huge part of the fun of Warhammer Online is the fact that you can do so many things at once. You can PvE some, RvR some, do scenarios some, and go back and forth almost at will. It keeps your game play fresh and prevents boredom. Do they really expect people to just stand around idle in a warcamp waiting for scenarios to pop? What if someone plays on a low population server or plays when scenarios are not popping fast?