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Warhammer Online: Stonetroll Crossing Scenario - Beginning and Basic Information

by: Michael Hartman ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This section of the guide explains how the scenario begins and the basics of scoring.

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    Scenario Basics

    Type: King of the Hill

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Winning Condition: First team to 500 points, or highest points at the end of duration.

    Tier: 2

    Player Ranks: 8 through 21

    Number of Players: 12 per realm


    Killing a player: 5 points

    Pacifying One of the Control Points: ~35 points

    Pacifying All Three Control Points: ~100 points.

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    Once It Begins

    The beginning of Stone Troll Crossing is generally a mad rush to the middle, up the central pillar, and to the pacifier (which is basically a flag). There is usually a big battle at the top of the pillar, with the winning side earning the pacifier. Mounted players have a bit of an advantage, but a recent patch changed it so there is a delay before the pacifier becomes available for capture. This gives everyone time to get to the top of the pillar before the pacifier can be taken (good change, Mythic!). It takes about 2-3 seconds to pick up the pacifier, and any damage taken will ruin the attempt.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: While fighting at the top of the pillar, people will try very hard to use their knockbacks to knock you off the top. This is a very effective strategy. Keep your back to the middle and use the roots to try and protect yourself from being knocked off. If you have knockback powers, use them to knock people down and potentially to their deaths. Occasionally the Trolls themselves will throw boulders that knock people off. The good thing about their knockoff is you will not take fall damage from it.

    Stone Troll pacifier 

    The goal of this scenario is to capture the pacifier and then take it to the three control points. You have 60 seconds to get the pacifier to a control point, and click on the large stone column there (it takes 2-3 seconds to finish pacifying). Whenever you pacify one of the points, you have a new 60 seconds to get to the next one. If the carrier is killed, the pacifier drops and for a few seconds it can be recaptured (sometimes it can only be taken by the opposing team, for no known reason). If you take a lot of damage while carrying the pacifier sometimes you will drop it.

    The trolls above the zone will occasionally throw boulders that cause a big area of effect knockup/knockback. If you look up at them you can see them winding up sometimes. Try to wait for the knockback before beginning your attempted pacification.

    If you grab the pacifier, do not simply drop off from the top (unless you can heal yourself up fast). The damage you take is significant, and you will be snared from the damage. You might as well not even pick it up if you are just going to drop down and take huge damage.