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Warhammer Online RvR Guide: Stonetroll Crossing - Summary

by: Michael Hartman ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Stonetroll Crossing is a Tier 2 Realm vs. Realm (RvR) scenario in Warhammer Online. This guide details the scenario itself, strategies for winning, and suggested improvements.

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    Official Summary

    Full Disclosure: Stonetroll Crossing is one of this writer's favorite scenarios, and definitely his favorite Tier 2 scenario.

    Stonetroll Crossing rewards killing other players as well as carrying a "flag" type item to various control points.

    Stone Troll Crossing ss 

    Stone Troll Crossing is a 12 vs. 12 scenario in Tier 2 Chaos vs. Empire. Anyone between levels 7 and 23 can hop in this Scenario and duke it out.

    This match is pretty straight forward... kill or be killed, but avoid the Trolls! That's right, Trolls. You're fighting on their turf and they're not too keen on either Realm being in the area. Because you're trespassing, our not so friendly Trolls will be hurling large boulders into the area from time to time. These boulders aren't lethal, but they cause a hefty knock-back to both Realms. This throws a bit of variety into the standard team death-match.

    When you first enter the scenario you'll be presented with the option to go straight ahead or cut to the right to take an alternate path out of the spawn area. The majority of the play area is lowlands with large boulders breaking up the space, but there is a large tree mound in the middle that has spiraling walk ways up both sides for an elevated fight. Gain the high-ground, and you can do some damage in this Scenario by forcing the enemy to come to you. The disadvantage to being in this elevated position is knock-back vulnerability. Don't get too comfortable on your perch because it's just a matter of time before you'll get knocked off. (Source: Warhammer Herald)

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    Where and How to Join

    Stonetroll Crossing is located in Troll Country, which is part of the Chaos vs. Empire pairing.

    You can queue for the scenario from any Tier 2 zone by clicking the icon that is located at approximately 11 o'clock on your mini-map. This opens the scenario queue interface. You can then pick scenarios to join solo or as a group. You can also join all available scenarios with a single click if you choose. Note that when you use the Join All button the scenario code slightly biases you towards the scenario(s) located in the same pairing as the zone where you are physically located.

    Quests: While you can queue for this scenario from any Tier 2 zone in the game, you can pick up quests for the scenario in the Ostland warcamp. These quests can be completely an unlimited number of times, and they will net you a few thousand experience and a good amount of silver each time you turn them in.