Needed Improvements for the Stonetroll Crossing Scenario

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Specific Improvements for Stonetroll Crossing:

No More Troll Boulders in the Middle After a Reset: Part of the “charm” of this scenario is the random nature of the area of effect knockback boulders from the trolls. They can indeed add an interesting element of chance when pacifying a location. But there is one place they happen that is not interesting, and is more of a penalty to good play than anything else. Very often, when the pacifier is reset, the trolls will launch a massive volley of boulders at the middle. This does not happen all the time (so you cannot count on it or plan for it). When it does happen it penalizes the “smart players” who rush back to the middle for the pacifier instead of getting sucked into low point scoring skirmishes around the map. This can be extremely frustrating. When you do the smart thing, that earns you less experience and renown but helps your team win, you really do not appreciate also suffering the random misfortune of being knocked off the pillar.

Balance the Knockbacks: Without getting into specifics, one realm has more knockbacks and (more importantly) more powerful knockbacks. Stonetroll Crossing is one of the Warhammer Online scenarios that gives a huge advantage to the side with more knockbacks. Being able to knock people off the middle pillar is a huge advantage for capturing the pacifier. Mythic should take steps to address this imbalance as it affects many aspects of the entire game.

Give Renown and Experience for Being Near Pacify Points: One of the reasons players will often run around doing nothing but skirmishing with other players is such actions net more experience and renown. Actually performing the scenario objectives does not earn renown and experience (other than for the victory). So what you get are “free riders” who run around ganking people while they hope other people will do the “hard work” of pacifying points to win the scenario. The remedy to this would be to give renown and experience for being within 100 feet of the capture point whenever it is pacified. This would encourage people to actually play the objectives.

Make the Scenario Pop More Often: Unfortunately, Stonetroll Crossing does not “pop” (trigger/launch) as often as Mourkain Temple or even Phoenix Gate. This could be a code issue, or perhaps people do not queue for it. If it is the former, it should be fixed immediately. If it is the latter, the reasons for this should be addresses (I suspect one of the reasons is the renown/experience issue explained above, which also contributes to overall less xp/renown in this scenario compared to Mourkain).

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