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Warhammer Online RvR Guide: Stonetroll Crossing - Strategies

by: Michael Hartman ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This section of the Warhammer Online Stonetroll Crossing RvR Scenario Guide discusses specific strategies and things to do in the scenario.

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    What Do I Do Now?

    If You Are the Carrier: Do not get too far away from your team. They are your support. Only sprint away from them if they have the enemy hung up and you need to get that pacification done.

    If Your Team has the Pacifier: Stay with your carrier. If your carrier is not communicating, tell everyone on the scenario channel where the carrier is headed. Communication is very important in Stone Troll Crossing.

    If the Other Team has the Pacifier: Look for the telltale beacon of light that shows where their carrier is. If you cannot get to the carrier right away, try to intercept between pacify locations. Remember that they only have 60 seconds to pacify. A few delays might be enough to ruin their attempt to score.

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    How Do I Pacify?

    stonetroll map (Image Source: Massively)

    There are three locations on the map that you need to take the pacifier to. The Northwest one is closer to the Destruction spawn point, the Northeast one is closer to the Order spawn point. The Southern one is about halfway between the two. When informing your scenario group (/sc is the chat command) where you are headed (or where the carrier is headed), most people refer to them as NW, NE, and south. They have specific names, but those are far too long to type out while fighting.

    There are a number of different philosophies for choosing which location to pacify first:

    1) Easy: Pacifying the point near your own spawn point is generally the easiest. Respawning players can get there faster, and you are most likely to have help at that location.

    2) Misdirection: Going for the point near your enemy's spawn point sometimes works wonders as the other side might not anticipate it. This is a good strategy if the other team seems particularly inexperienced (evidenced by a lack of people on top of the pillar the beginning, for example). If you can snag this one first, that is a big advantage.

    3) Balanced: Go for the south one first, then try either your own side's spawn point (conservative) or the other team's spawn point (a little more dangerous).

    Generally, strategy #2 or #3 is better if your goal is a "full cap" of all three control points. If the match is really tight, and your side needs some quick points, getting the easy one near your own spawn point might be the wisest choice of action.

    The misdirection strategy has one other major pitfall. As enemy players respawn, some of your own team might get distracted by the joy of killing them. This will split your own force and could result in disruption at one of the later control points. If you have a very disciplined team, this may not be a factor. But even if you queued up with a full guild group, you never know what the other six people are doing.