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    • Street Fighter x Tekken Uncovered
      Fans of both Street Fighter and Tekken have long debated which fighters are superior. Street Fighter x Tekken now offers an arena for the fighters to settle the score. The release date of SFxT is set for early next year. The game promises be a treat for the fighting game enthusiast.
    • Street Fighter Fei Long Character Profile
      Fei Long has been one of many Bruce Lee inspired fighting game characters that have the same sounds and actions as the legend himself. Fei Long has been around since the early 1990's and is still a well known character in the newest Street Fighter games.
    • Street Fighter Dhalsim Character Profile
      Dhalsim first appeared in Street Fighter II as a very slow character that had an ability to stretch himself and reach his opponent from across the screen.
    • Street Fighter Guile Character Profile
      Guile is the third main character in the Street Fighter series due to his popularity with America. He first appeared in SFII and had a barrage of military style attacks.
    • Street Fighter Adon Character Profile
      Adon was one of the first characters to appear in the Street Fighter series. He was first a boss character and is finally playable in the new SFIV.
    • Street Fighter Crimson Viper Character Profile
      Crimson Viper is a new Street Fighter character that was first introduced in Street Fighter IV. She is a detective with a skill in covert fighting.
    • Street Fighter Juri Character Profile
      Juri is the first Korean character to be in any Street Fighter game. She made her debut in Super Street Fighter IV and is a Tae kwan do master.
    • Street Fighter Abel Character Profile
      Abel is a new character introduced in Street Fighter IV. He fights with a unique style of mixed martial arts and is an easy character to play for beginners to the series.
    • Street Fighter Akuma Character Profile
      Akuma is a strange looking character that has first appeared in Super Street Fighter II. He has similiar attacks as Ryu and Ken, yet more powerful and difficult to master. Akuma also appears as a hidden character in SFIV.
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