Crimson Viper in Street Fighter IV

Crimson Viper in Street Fighter IV
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Crimson Viper

Crimson Viper, who’s real name is Maya, is a new character with a bold look of long bright red hair, tan skin, and yellow tinted sunglasses. She is part of S.I.N and is also a spy-like character that fights using covert arts. She is also working for the CIA, hence her stereotypical suit outfit. She also has an archetype personality that suits this with a superior voice and mysterious attitude. Crimson Viper is also listed into loving her daughter and making money, she is also the only known Street Fighter female character to have a child.

Story in Street Fighter IV

Crimson Viper CG

She is employed by S.I.N, a weapons division of the powerful crime syndicate, Shadaloo. Being an employee, she knows a lot about what this cooperation is up to, especially with the Seth and Abel project that Bison is currently studying. She enters the 4th World Warrior Tournament to test out a new battle suit made by the BLECE division of S.I.N. This battle suit looks like an ordinary uniform except it has incredible power which is soon in her move sets. It can help her perform such attacks like Ryu’s hadoken and Guile’s Sonic Boom projectile. She also enters this tournament to scout for potential fighters to join BLECE, one of which is Hakan but she does not deem him fit enough to join.

Crimson Viper intercepted Ryu on orders from Seth, but this battle did not turn out the way she wanted, as Ryu used his Satsui no Hado attack and destroyed the entire area where they fought. In actuality, Crimson Viper is a CIA mole who is pretending to work for S.I.N and get some information about the new weapons they are testing. As she finds Seth at the core of the facility, he identifies her as the CIA mole. She quickly finishes him before things get out of hand but unfortunately the data she wanted was already destroyed during the Ryu battle. Feeling at loss she reports to the CIA that Seth has been killed and she is still trying to recover the data that may have been copied elsewhere. She also says she must still try to find 26 remaining copies of Seth.

Crimson Viper’s Special Attacks

Crimson Viper special move

With the battle suit, she can project a number of attacks that can be used against opponents. The thunder knuckle is a medium punch that allows her to dash across the screen. Seismic hammer is her most lethal skill, where she crashes against the ground and takes out a large amount of the other player’s health bar. Burning dance is an ultra combo move that takes practice to learn, but is well worth it since it can leave the opponents life to just a quarter.

Will C. Viper Return?

Crimson Viper seems to have gained a large amount of feedback in such a short time. She has already appeared in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and will most likely be featured in the next Street Fighter game. Only time will tell if she gets a more interesting story or even a new battle suit.