A History on Dhalsim

A History on Dhalsim
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From Kerala, India, Dhalsim is most known for his fire and flame attacks, his elongated body, and his oddly skinny body with pure white eyes. His move famous attacks are yoga fire, yoga flame, and a teleportation method where he can get behind his opponent. Another attack is yoga blast, which is an anti air move that sets a plume of fire into the air.

In Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter II

Although Dhalsim believes in pacifism, he fights on the streets to raise money for the poor village he resides in. He soon begins to ponder about his actions and questions them, because he knows in his heart its not what a mild mannered man should be doing. He feels he has damaged the village more than actually helping it, but the people of the town come up to him and thank him for the resources he had paid for them including food, medicine, and new housing. He was then known as the great yoga master Dhalsim.

In the second Street Fighter Alpha, Dhalsim comes across Rose and Birdie, two characters he uses mind control on to get some answers about Shadaloo and M. Bison himself. Once he comes into contact with Bison, it is said that he was about to destroy the base before Ryu comes in and knocks it down himself. Dhalsim also comes in contact with Cammy who is being brainwashed by M. Bison and is his personal assassin. Dhalsim uses his mind control to bring her back to self awareness, making Dhalsim feel as though he accomplished something good.

In Street Fighter IV

Dhalsim portrait

Dhalsim is now hoping to free a flow of water that had been used in the village, but blocked off by S.I.N. His young son Datta happens to be the pen pal of Guile’s daughter, and she has written saying her father left on a mission. This makes Dhalsim even more worried and knows it is something much more serious than he thought. He enters the new tournament despite wanting to never use violence again. Once the S.I.N headquarters is destroyed and the dam built over the village’s river is stopped, Dhalsim contemplates once again that Shadaloo is the most evil he has come into contact with but he also notes that the goodness in a person’s heart is also endless, which he says in his ending of the game.

Why Dhalsim Is Still Famed

Dhalsim has been featured in Marvel vs. Capcom II and Xmen vs. Capcom, which that alone shows how popular he has become in the 90’s. He also has appeared in an episode of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho as a fighter in the background. Its unknown if he will be featured in another game but the answer is most likely yes.