All About Guile in Street Fighter

All About Guile in Street Fighter
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Introduction to Guile’s Character

Guile’s full name is William F. Guile, and is a colonel in the United States military. He learned a special style of air force fighting that his friend Charlie, who is also his commanding officer, had taught him, although his temper gets in the way and he is not as skillful as Charlie. Guile’s most recognized asset is his huge oddly shaped blonde hair which is known to “defy gravity”.

In Street Fight Alpha 3

Guile’s Alpha artwork

Guile’s first appearance in the Alpha series is 3, where he is given the authority to go look for his commanding officer Charlie, who went missing during a top secret mission. He meets up with Interpol detective Chun-Li who advises him it is dangerous to go the same route Charlie has been, and even though she had warned him Guile told her he must go find him before anything worse would happen. When he reaches Thailand, he stumbles upon the crime syndicate Shadaloo’s HQ.

He sees Charlie tied up in the facility and Charlie informs him that an air raid will be coming any minute. M. Bison, the leader of Shadaloo appears and they both fight him, striking him down and forcing him to retreat on his gunship. Chun-Li rushes to the scene and tells the two of them that the raid has been called off and how she has set explosives all over the base in order to destroy it for good. During this moment, Bison is fighting Ryu outside and as he runs back in to obtain is psycho drive power, he spots the three of them placing charges. Charlie says he will fight off Bison allowing the other two to escape, but the facility blows while he was fending off the leader.

Not knowing if Charlie survived the attack or not, Guile chooses to believe him and wants to follow his footsteps into becoming a great commander.

In Street Fighter II

Guile in SFII

Wanting to avenge Charlie, Guile enters the next tournament to get close to Bison. When he spots Bison, he asks questions about his friend which Bison refuses to answer, and although Guile won fair and square he does not allow himself to kill Bison, since it’d make the both of them one and the same. He goes back home to visit Charlie’s grave, with his wife and daughter coming up to him telling him to forget the past.

In Street Fighter IV

Guile in SFIV

Guile thinks Charlie may still be alive and enters the new S.I.N tournament. Taking Chun-Li with him, they encounter Abel who knows the same sonic boom technique that Charlie taught him. Although Abel has amnesia and cannot recall where he learned it, it makes Guile much more confused than ever before. They become ambushed by Seth, a weapon created by Bison and once the S.I.N lab blows from the intense battle, Chun-Li and Guile cannot find Abel anywhere and are piecing it together that Abel was created to know these moves, just like Seth. This ends when Guile goes back to Charlie’s grave, finally able to come to terms with it and still marking revenge on Shadaloo.

Guile’s Impeding Fame

Guile has been in a cartoon series, a movie, and many Street Fighter comic books as the leading character. It is certain that there will be more of Guile to come even if his story is a bit on the basic side. Fans definitely cannot get enough of flash kick and sonic boom.