Preview of The New Street Fighter Fighting Game x Tekken

Preview of The New Street Fighter Fighting Game x Tekken
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The fighting universe has erupted with the buzz around the first installment of the new Street Fighter fighting game. This is the first time fighters from Street Fighter will face off with fighters from Tekken. Fans of both games were eager this summer to watch the first trailer released during Comic-Con. The game will make history as both titles clash in this popular fighting genre. Melee attacks, combos and stunning visuals come together as the fighters’ battle for it all in the visually appealing trailer.

Street Fighter x Tekken Trailer

The trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken is interactive and engaging. It also goes into great detail about how to perform specials and signature moves. In addition, the trailer actively teaches players how to swap fighters, avoid attacks and even counterattack. Ryu, from Street Fighter, is shown first in his dojo mediating when Kazuya Mishima, from Tekken, enters ready to fight. Next, Katsuhiro Harada from Namco has a brief match with Yoshinori Ono from Capcom. The game-play shows Ryu tagging Chun Li in to help him out with Nina Williams and Kazuya. The fight is seen with gigantic robots roaming over a futuristic battlefield. The graphics throughout the trailer are fresh and crisp, with transition screens and animations flowing well.

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How is the Game-play?

The game-play from past titles has been expanded to include the different mechanics of both popular fighting games. The Street Fighter IV fighting engine has been completely retuned to fit the needs of both Tekken and Street Fighter players. There is also a new juggle system that allows players to throw opponents similar to the popular Tekken style of grabs and throws. This feature adds a new dynamic to the fighting game. These launcher attacks are now an essential attack used by fighters to begin an air combo. The game effectively incorporates this unique air launching system. The SFxT experience is completed with an interactive online mode. The online features are similar to Street Fighter IV; however, SFxT is rumored to include upgraded online functions.


The primary controls for Street Fighter X Tekken uses the popular arcade-style 6 button system that many Street Fighter fans are familiar with. Tekken players are also able to use the 4 button system that they have become accustomed to over the years. Performing certain kicks and punches in this refined system allows the player to perform several original combos that have never been seen before.

Are There New Additions?

The new Street Fighter fighting game now allows fighters to hold down a signature move until the perfect time and then release. The new super charge technique requires holding down the button for the attack to charge it. Special moves like Kazuya’s Demon God Fist and Ryu’s Hadoken becomes 3x as powerful with this new technique. The technique can be charged for 3 levels, then the fighter will not need a Cross Gauge to perform a Super Art attack. It’s important to note that the most power attack in SFxT is the Cross Art attack. This occurs when two fighters unleash Super Art attacks on one opponent.

The combination of light, medium and heavy attacks perform a devastating attack that allows the fighter to tag in a partner. This technique is commonly referred to as a Cross Rush. The Cross Gauge also allows fighters to perform a technique called a Cross Assault. This is a light attack that damages two opponents.

Which Fighters Are in the Game?

There are some interesting additions to the SFxT line-up. Characters such as Raven (who looks identical to Blade the Vampire Hunter), Kuma, Ibuki and Poison are new additions to the fighting game. Other playable characters in Street Fighter x Tekken include Chun-Li, Guile, Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter as well as Bob, King, Kazuya and Nina Williams from Tekken. The fighters all have unique attacks and signature moves that provide great Melee moves and combos. The fight sequences include a real-time tag team battle. This mode allows players to strategically choose which fighter is suitable to play with.


Watch out for Street Fighter x Tekken

Fans of fighting games are going crazy in anticipation of SFxT. The game combines both 2D and 3D platforms with smooth transistions and complex fight sequences. The vivid graphics and clear picture offer a crisp fighting experience. The clash of two of the largest fighting universes unfolds within this game. The real-time tag team, signature moves and playable characters add a new feel to the popular fighting genre. Although the relaese date is still tentative; it is rumored to release on March 01, 2012. Any fan of fighting games should be on the lookout for Street Fighter x Tekken.