Street Fighter 4 Adon Overview

Street Fighter 4 Adon Overview
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Street Fighter 4 Adon

Adon’s story in Street Fighter IV is much simpler than his other appearances. Sagat comes to watch Adon during a muay thai competition and eventually goes into the ring himself. He defeats Adon with a single tiger attack, and although he won fair and square Adon still thinks Sagat is disgracing the art ever since losing to Ryu. Adon enters the new warrior tournament in hopes of defeating his former teacher Sagat. It is unknown who won the fight but Adon watches Sagat leave home, thinking to himself that he will be the new muay thai legend.

In Street Fighter

Adon in SF

Adon made his debut in the first Street Fighter game. He became a student of Sagat, the god of muay thai and was a bit too cocky on his first fighting round with Ryu, who defeated him single handedly. This is all that is known of Adon as it is the beginnings of character development. During game play however, Adon can be a tough one to defeat without using Ryu’s projectiles.

In Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3

Adon in SFA

Adon is enraged that his teacher was defeated by Ryu at the first tournament and challenges his teacher to a muay thai fight. Adon wins but is severely beaten by Sagat and is left in the hospital for many weeks. After healing, Adon hears of a new fighter that has the same skills and strength of Ryu and he goes to challenge this new fighter. Unbeknownst to him, the challenger is actually Akuma an over powerful god like karate master.

In Alpha 3, Adon runs into Ken during a world travel. He notices that Ken has the same moves as Ryu which he finds less daunting, although he becomes slightly mad that Ken realizes Adon is a student of Sagat. The female fighter Rose, tells Adon if he continues on this path of madness it will only lead him to sadness, of course, he does not listen to these words. Adon finally meets with Shadaloo leader, Bison who tells him he can give him the gift of ultimate power, the Shun Goku Satsu. The two go into a fight and although Adon would have had enough strength to defeat Bison if he were a normal man, Adon losses energy. Akuma shows Adon the powers of the Shun Goku Satsu before fleeing, and this makes Adon realize he must meet with Akuma and obtain that power for himself.

What’s in Store for Adon

Adon sprite

Adon has the same fighting style as Sagat using the title jaguar instead of tiger. He has similar kicks and knee jabs as well as jaguar tooth, a flying energy smack. It’s uncertain whether or not Adon will be back in a new game and would replace Sagat or vice versa. His story can be a bit too cliché, but as a playable character Adon is rewarding once mastered.