Street Fighter 4 Unlock Akuma And Profile

Street Fighter 4 Unlock Akuma And Profile
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Street Fighter 4 Unlock Akuma

Akuma being a strong character to play as, there are of course tough boundaries to cross before adding him onto your Street Fighter 4 roster. In order to qualify for unlocking him, you must first have Cammy, Fei Long, Dan Hibiki, Rose, Gen, and Sakura. You must then finish rounds of arcade mode on any difficulty you desire. You must have at least one perfect round without losing any of your health. You also cannot hit the continue screen, if this happens, arcade mode must be start over from the very beginning.

After doing these requirements, you will face Akuma and you must defeat him in order to unlock him. The battle may be tough or a breeze depending how good of a fighter you are, just keep using special moves and ducking his projectiles. It may take a couple tries for some, but beating him and having him on your side is well worth the effort.

Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha

Not only is Akuma a fun character to lock, but he has a interesting story as well. He travels the world trying to find a worthy opponent where he stops and meets Gen, Ryu’s mentor. They battle, and once Gen sees Akuma’s strength, he begs of him to kill him, not wanting a shameless defeat. Akuma just gets up and leaves, which confuses Gen, who orders his pupil to go after the strange man. When Ryu finds Akuma on an island where stand off until Akuma’s powers blow the island away, leaving Ryu drifting afloat in the ocean. Akuma feels at loss that he cannot find a powerful fighter to match his strength. Two years later, he watched from the shadows as Ryu unleashed his Satsui no Hado attack on M. Bison, which inspired Akuma to fight Ryu once again.

In Street Fighter II Turbo

Akuma in SFII

Although he is not an official character listed, he is a secret unlockable fighter that is on an invisible square above Ryu on the character select screen. His story is simple, he shows his powers to M. Bison, saying that Bison’s tactics were pathetic, since his abilities were all man made and didn’t come from the soul. Akuma has the same fighting style and controls as Ryu and Ken alike in this version.

In Street Fighter II: 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike

Akuma in SFIII

Akuma trained to develop a new power, tidal waves that could split a large rock into two. He enters this new tournament which is sponsored by Gill, and defeats him single handedly. His new powers are also incorporated in his controls, where a vortex of energy will flow from under the opponents feet. In 3rd Strike, he is nearly perfecting another move that absorbs chi and unleashes it. He dubs this new attack the Tensho Kaireki Jin.

Akuma sprite

Akuma is a mysterious character where a lot is unknown about his background. His frightening demonic looks and strong powers make him a character that Street Fighter fans welcome. How to unlock Akuma in Street Fighter 4 may prove difficult, but it is worth the blood, sweat, and tears.