Juri Street Fighter Overview

Juri Street Fighter Overview
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Street Fighter Juri

Juri is a new female character who has first appeared in Super Street Fighter IV. She is the first Korean and the first tae kwan do user ever since many Street Fighter fans wanted a Korean fighter just like other fighting games have, such as King of Fighters and Tekken. She is also the first female villain and works for S.I.N, the weapons department of the crime syndicate, Shadaloo. She has her hair in two large cone shaped buns and wears traditional tae kwan do pants. Her alternate costumes that can be obtain in the DLC pack are a Korean hanbok and a halter top.

Juri’s Story in Super Street Fighter IV

Juri in SFIV

Juri has a special eye operation in the S.I.N laboratory which replaced her real eye for a robotic one that has a skill called the Feng Shui Engine. This gives her incredible power and speed against the fighters in the tournament. Before that, Juri was a skilled master in tae kwan do and her family was well off, as her father was a lawyer. He decided to prosecute the leader of Shadaloo which cost him and his wife’s life as well as injuring Juri’s left eye. After getting the eye operation, she acts as Shadaloo’s prime assassin and kills her targets in very public areas with absolute stealth.

Chun-Li and Guile were called to one of these scenes, with Chun-Li putting her under arrest. Juri frees herself and fights against the Interpol agent, and eventually causes Chun-Li to faint. Just as Juri is about to murder her, the Feng Shui Engine in her eye malfunctions and she is forced to retreat back to the S.I.N labs. After getting this fixed, Seth gives her a new role; to defeat The Dolls, Bison’s female assassin team. Just as she defeats two of the dolls, Juni and Juli, Guile and Cammy intercept her. Juri manages to escape on a plane after an intense fight with Cammy, who falls off the boarding ramp and lands into the snow below.

Later on it is known that Juri pits Seth and Bison together in a battle hoping they would destroy each other and she would become the new leader of S.I.N. She ends up destroying Seth but Bison escapes just in time, blowing up the facility, it is not known what happens to Juri after the event.

Juri’s Fighting Style

Street Fighter Juri is a very aggressive character to play, she does a few punches but most of her power is in her kicks. She has a fireball technique that is a lot like Chun-Li’s and also has a kick attack that matches Guile’s flash kick. She is known as a rush down fighter he mainly uses combos over special attacks, and works amazingly for anyone that has fast fingers.