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Sagat Profile: The Fearsome Boss in Street Fighter

by: Lin Clark ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Sagat is known as one of the villain characters in the hit Street Fighter series. He was modeled after famous kickboxers and proves to be a scary foe for anyone not ready to face him.

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    Street Fighter - Sagat

    Sagat is a well known Street Fighter character that was a boss character stationed in Thailand for both Street Fighter and Street Fighter II. Originally, he was an non playable character but in SFII, he soon became a playable addition to the much larger roster. At a height of 7’5”, he was quite fearsome and intimidating, being a Muay Thai champion from a young age. He fought a karate master named Go Hibiki, whom he had killed and in turn, lost his own right eye.

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    In Street Fighter

    Sagat in Street Fighter 

    As a non playable character, Sagat was the final boss in the game that the young fighter, Ryu, must defeat. Thinking he had won the match he went to help Ryu up showing no hard feelings. However, Ryu unleashed his dark energy power, the Satsui no Hadou, which had gravely wounded Sagat, leaving a visible scar across his chest which can be seen in all the games to follow. This event has made Sagat vengeful, fighting Ryu at any chance he can get.

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    In Street Fighter Alpha Series

    Sagat in SFAlpha III 

    Sagat had won a fight against Ryu, but felt empty after the triumph, simply because he felt it was petty and not exactly what he had hoped for. Bison flew onto the scene and offered Sagat a position at his crime organization Shadaloo, which he had accepted. In Street Fighter Alpha III, Sagat fights a mind controlled Ryu, trying to reawaken him to his senses. After successfully defeating Ryu and breaking Bison’s spell, he soon believes it is his destiny to fight Ryu once again.

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    In Street Fighter II

    Sagat in SFII 

    Sagat’s story is fairly simple in SFII, he basically enters the tournament to fight Ryu once again. After losing the fight, he told himself he needs to train to become the world’s strongest fighter before he rages an age where he is unable to fight in the same method. His tiger uppercut move and tiger projectile flame are the easiest to master in this game, making him a balanced fighter to anyone new to fighting games in general.

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    In Street Fighter IV

    Sagat in SFIV 

    The Muay Thai fighter’s story may not be as fleshed out in the previous games, but in SFIV, many fans become to realize his personality. He soon falls into deep depression after losing to Ryu three times, feeling as though he can never be the strongest as he was in the early years. He fought against Adon, actually winning, and feeling invigorated. He decides to enter the S.I.N tournament in hopes of proving his strength.

    He reflects during the tournament that his fascination with Ryu is not about winning or losing, its about talking to one’s soul and not to judge a person by their fighting style. He lost the tournament, but he felt much free than he had ever experienced.

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    Why Sagat Has an Advantage

    Street Fighter – Sagat is a powerful character that seems threatening to master, but with his simple move sets that show strength through kicks, punches, and his tiger uppercut special. Sagat proves to be a fearsome foe but a strong ally as well.