Super Street Fighter 4 How to Use Fei Long

Super Street Fighter 4 How to Use Fei Long
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Super Street Fighter 4 Fei Long

The cocky Fei Long has a number of new combos to test out in Super Street Fighter 4. He still has his flaming fist which was first shown in Street Fighter II, a move that can attack upwards when the opponent is jumping. He also has his fiery lightning kick which does the same as the flaming fist. The new skill, Rekkukyaku, is a leaping kick in the air that lands in a somersault which works perfectly if you are trying to dodge a projectile and also want to get a hit in. The new grab move Tenshin is when Fei Long uses his legs to throw the opponent across the screen, it’s a great attack to use in retaliation.

His new combo called Gekirinken is a barrage of punches that can knock down the opponents health bar half way down. To master this move, its best to use the practice course since there are a lot of buttons involved.

Fei Long in Street Fighter Alpha

Fei Long was known to be training in kung fu since the age of 6 and had always looked up to Bruce Lee as being the ultimate teacher. He began to fight on the streets to improve his skills and even get some money from it. While doing this, he caught the eye of a movie director who asked him to be in some kung fu films, which he accepted. Fei Long still fought on the streets from time to time which had gained the attention of Shadaloo, who wanted to have him as their own recruit. Balrog and Vega both tried to subdue him, but had failed due to Fei Long’s speed.

Fei Long in Street Fighter II

Fei Long in SFII

There is not much to Fei Long in the second Street Fighter, it is just known after making a dozen films he fights in the world warrior tournament and finds himself loving the real thing over being in movies. This is also the first appearance of Fei Long and had gained him worldwide attention as being one of the easiest Street Fighter characters to master due to his quickness and flaming kicks and fist attacks.

Fei Long in Street Fighter IV

Fei Long in SFIV

He joins the S.I.N tournament after learning that Shadaloo had begun attacking his co stars. Fei Long encounters many on his journey to headquarters, including a girl named Makoto who was fighting in order to restore her father’s dojo. Fei Long teaches her that anger will only make the fight much tougher. He also meets Abel who seems to be a big fan of Fei Long’s movie and says it would be honorable if Fei would agree to fight him.

He finally encounters Seth, the S.I.N weapon, who states that the media can become too close to the truth which is why the attack had begun to Fei Long’s set. After the fight, Fei Long and Abel both decide to investigate Shadaloo together.

What’s to Come

Super Street Fighter 4 Fei Long is much more improved than his previous incarnations, which makes many wonder if he’ll be even more beefed up in a new Street Fighter game. Although his story is subpar, Fei Long will always be known as one of the first characters to be inspired by Bruce Lee.