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Street Fighter Abel Character Profile

by: Lin Clark ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Abel is a new character introduced in Street Fighter IV. He fights with a unique style of mixed martial arts and is an easy character to play for beginners to the series.

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    Street Fighter Abel vs Seth

    Abel in SFIV 

    Abel being a heavy hitter can do some massive damage to Seth, although they both have the same moves. Abel can get up quickly after being knocked down although he has a slow walk speed which makes him an easy target for fast projectiles. Whenever Seth unleashes a sonic boom attack, Abel can jump over it swiftly and use his wheel kick right after he falls. This attack should be from a distance which makes it a perfect counter whenever Seth throws something at you.

    If you are courageous enough, you can use Abel’s throw attack, the tornado throw, which can cause major damage if you press the buttons hard enough. But only use this if Seth is being careless, or if a human player is controlling Seth. Seth can also use Dhalsim’s yoga teleport, making him appear right behind you. Using Abel’s change direction tactic can be the most useful here, attack Seth swiftly as he approaches behind. Abel’s attack, sky fall, may be slow but it has a lot of range and can be used across the screen if you are trying to stay away from Seth.

    Keep using these different strategies to keep Seth at bay and the battle should end in your favor. All it takes is a lot of patience and practice!

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    Abel's Story

    Abel's concept art 

    With Abel’s first appearance only being in Street Fighter 4, there is not a lot of background on him. Abel is known as a replacement body for M. Bison. He is genetically engineered to be a tough capable fighter but will be disposed of if he should be defeated. Abel actually does not know this, and he is on a mission trying to recover his lost memories. He speaks of the battlefield quite often, entailing he must have had some type of training before his memories became shattered.

    Abel was found by a wandering soldier who saw him at an abandoned Shadaloo facility. After being raised by the soldier for some time, Abel ventured out into the world carrying along with him a deserted puppy. He encounters Chun Li, the detective working against Shadaloo and who finds him interesting. She tells Abel to enter the next big tournament in hopes of finding who he truly is. When he fights against Guile, he learns that the man who took him in was Charlie, Guile’s friend in the force. While reaching the SIN headquarters with Guile, they both notice Chun Li hooked up to a mysterious machine, as well as a strange man who looks a lot like Abel.

    As Guile rescues Chun Li, Abel comes head to head with M. Bison who tells Abel his is an imperfect version of Seth, one he decided to discard and leave for dead. Still perplexed, Abel heads out of the headquarters and tells Chun Li he still wants to look for the many answers he still has.

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    The Future of Abel

    In Street Fighter, Abel vs Seth is a difficult battle to accomplish unless you play your cards right and use strategy. Will this be the end for Abel? What else is in store for his character when he finds out the truth of his origins. Fans of his character and fighting style will have to wait and see.