Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) Walkthrough -- Part 1 of 5

Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) Walkthrough -- Part 1 of 5
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The Game Starts

Europe is awash with the news of masterful burglaries taking place throughout the Continent. These stories have not gone unnoticed in a certain Victorian Era apartment on London’s Baker Street. So far, the criminal has not yet dared to set foot on English soil, a fact which seems to annoy the great Sherlock Holmes. It seems that he is looking for a worthy opponent against whom to test his skills.

The adventure starts in their Baker Street lodgings with Watson reading some stories about some of the master thief’s escapades. The tirade would continue for a long time until he spies something on their table addressed to the great Sherlock Holmes. It is a letter from no one other than the Cat Burglar himself. With that established, the game is now afoot.

Start by picking up and reading the letter on the table. The letter, penned by one Arsene Lupin, offers a challenge. Holmes must stop five burglaries in prominent locations across London in five days. The great detective encountered the forces of the irrational in the Awakened, now Holmes may have a rational opponent just as smart as he is.

A Visit to the Bookstore

Read the letter. The bookstore is in the same place in relation to Baker Street in all the games after Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring.

Find out that Barnes is reading one of the forbidden books encountered by Holmes in his last adventure, The Awakened. Do not worry about this too much because you are not playing Call of Cthulhu and the shop keeper is not likely to suffer from sanity loss. His obsession with the book has caused one problem, however. The clerk has left the store in disarray. You must search through the stacks of books until you find the one that you need. When you have the Great English Seaman Book, return to Baker Street.

Arsene Lupin’s Pen Name

A vase from Sherlock Holmes Nemesis

At the beginning of the adventure, Sherlock Holmes notes the odd signature included in the letter. Arsene Lupin signs the letter with an anagram, which will be the solution to the first quiz Holmes gives Watson in Nemesis.

When you get the quiz, select letters to spell out Horatio Nelson. The first theft will take place at Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. Although London maybe the home town of Holmes and Watson, it is large enough that they cannot be expected to know its every nook and cranny. You must find the map of London. Get the map and the red book from the table and walk outside of the Baker Street apartment.

The Art Museun

The cab driver stands ready to take you anywhere you need to go. Talk to him to get to your next destination. You should then select the art museum from the map of London in the options screen. If you need to refer to the layout of the building, a handy map has been included in this section.

What Lupin Intends to Steal

Enter the museum and talk to Palinor. The clerk has misplaced his ledger. Sir Poynter, the director of the museum cannot talk to you at this time, as he is having an argument with an artist. Come back to him later.

You must find the missing ledger, and get more clues. Go to the French painting’s gallery on the second floor of the museum. Take the blue register from the chair by the entry to the English gallery and then go back to the museum’s entrance. The clerk and his boss will be relieved by the return of the ledger.

Holmes gives Watson another quiz. You will be asked a question about what a painting depicts. Answer with boat or ship. The game gives you control of Inspector Lestrade.

The painting to be stolen is a picture of Lord Nelson’s flagship, the Temeraire. The ship was stolen from the French and served as the flagship of Lord Nelson’s fleet. Go back to the director and listen to the conversation the French artist has with him.

Take Control of Inspector Lestrade

The Golden Lion Pub, a major feature in the Sherlock Holmes Games

Lestrade may not have the ability to use the powers of logic in the same way that Holmes does, but he is a competent detective. Lestrade uses the information Holmes gives him to see what more he can find out about the theft. Unfortunately, Lestrade will not be able to stop it. The information the Inspector receives helps Holmes track down Lestrade

When you enter the museum, examine the crates to your left. Examine the door and then ascend the stairs until you find the storage room. Walk through the restoration room until you get to the glass roof. Examine it. Walk through the French, Dutch, Flemish and several English art galleries looking for possible clues. Go to the other French gallery and then enter the second English art gallery from it. Open the wood door and examine the Spanish gallery. This room connects to the German gallery.

The end goal of this section is to get to the office of the museum director and have Lestrade give his instructions. When the instructions end, you will see a sequence involving a painting, a toy train, and Arsene Lupin. It seems that Lestrade did not stop this theft.

The Game is Now Afoot

Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin Screenshot

Holmes uses this phrase several times in the Arthur Conan Doyle short stories, and in the games that were based upon the Victorian and Edwardian ear author’s works. Exit the Baker Street apartment and prepare to enter the hansom. The French looking journalist might have some important information. Talk to him and get his business card. You will need the business card later. Use the cab driver to return to the museum.

The director of the museum and the competent but not brilliant Inspector Lestrade wait there for you. Talk to them to find out that the paintings in the director’s office were placed by the French Artist’s painting, and that more than one painting was stolen. It took two men to complete the job. One of the thieves came in through the roof, and both men left via the ceiling.

You will examine many of the same items that Lestrade noticed last night. The crates by the entrance have a combination lock, find out what happened to it. Footprints often seem to be useful clues in the Sherlock Holmes games. You will find some footprints by the painting of the crown jewels. Examine them and listen to what Sherlock has to say about them. You can use your tape measure and magnifying glass on them if you wish.

The footsteps lead up the stairs. Examine the additional set of footsteps on the railing. The person who made these footprints did not put the same amount on each foot. (Perhaps the foot was injured or these footprints were made by more than one person?) Holmes does tell you that the shoes are size ten and belong to a pair of common work boots.

The Restoration Room

Follow the footprints that lead to the restoration room. Here you will find another set that does not quite match up with what you found earlier. You find prints made by a person wearing a size 9 shoe. Holmes, using his amazing powers of deduction, concludes that the shoes were probably made in France.

If look down at the rug in the room, you will see a shadow of someone leaping across the sky light. You cannot determine the size of his shoes from your current location. There is however a pitcher of water and some restoration tools in the room. Get what information you can from these and head to the Italian Art Gallery.

The Fighting Temeraire

A few more footprints lead up to the place where the picture of the Fighting Temeraire used to be. Someone left four pieces of rubber on the floor here. Examine these with your magnifying glass. If you look up at the ceiling, Holmes finds something rather unusual there. You cannot reach it right now.

Return to the Director’s Office

Take a circular route through the galleries to get to the director’s office. Lupin, who wishes to make it a fair contest, has left you in the various galleries. Examine the potted plant outside of the director’s office.

Go into the Director’s Office. You’ll find more footprints here. They belong to a size 9 shoe, and Holmes concludes, to Arsene Lupin. When you are done, talk to the director to get more information about your quarry.

Talk to the guard in the office, who will tell you about a now present ladder. Pick up the ladder and return to the spot on the wall that was graced by the Fighting Temeraire pictur until very recently.

Use the ladder to get to the strange item on the ceiling. You place it on the floor with the four rubber marks. Climb up the ladder to get the clues left by Arsene Lupin.

Finding More Clues

Sherlock Holmes Nemesis Screenshot

The letter contains a riddle with locations throughout the museum. Climb down the ladder and get ready to do some more exploration. This is also a good timer for a gamer to learn more about art, as the Frogwares development team usually does put a few pieces of educational content in their games.

The first clue mentions Venus and Mars Wrapped in White. The Roman names suggest something about mythology. Some players may decide to skip to the Greek section, but this particular museum does not seem to have one. The Italian section, however, fits more closely with the Roman names used in the missive.

The second clue mentions something about a tired Horseman with White Horse. This was painted by an artist named Potter and can be found in the Flemish gallery. Check that painting for the next clue.

The third clue requires you to go to the Dutch Gallery. Find out more about Hendrik Skaters and his age. Get ready for the fourth clue and the puzzle that finishes this section.

The final clue requires you to go to the German gallery. Look for the painting of the fish, the young boy with a cabbage and an angel. You should now have the dates you need. Follow the calculations to get the result 8984.

Back to the Museum Entrance

The numbers 8984 happen to be the combination for the padlock on the crates. Open the crate and note its contents. You will find a wig, champagne bottle, and a cushion. Someone also left a picture of Napoleon in the crate. Holmes informs you that his great uncle painted it. Click on the portrait. Get the paper and read it.

Velmont left a self-portrait in the French gallery. Have Holmes examine it. The painting seems to have used oil paints, but a veneer of water paint covers the top layer. If you understood more about restoration, you might be able to account for this strange discrepancy. Go back to the art director’s office and find out about the restoration process. Return to the restoration room to get the restoration tools and the pitcher of water you found earlier.

Finding Letters


Your time in the museum is not quite done. You must go through the gallery to find the letters that will eventually spell out “Coroni.” This letter in itself is incomplete, the final clue leads you to a slider puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to spell out the letter S.

The Final Quiz

Return to the Director’s Office. The director will ask you what you found. Type in ‘Coronis’. It refers to a painting depicting Apollo slaying his lover, Coronis. Watson then gives Holmes another letter. This time the clue contains one black shadow and six missing shadows.

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