Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) -- Part 3 of 5 -- The British National Museum

Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin (Nemesis) -- Part 3 of 5 -- The British National Museum
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To the British Museum

There are 3 more thefts Sherlock Holmes must prevent in London to uphold the honor of crown and country. Arsene Lupin has not stopped. So far you have prevented the thefts of an item in an art museum and a National Treasure at the Tower of London. Now, get ready to go to the next destination. Use the mini-map, if you have not already, to get the British Museum.

Meet the Prime Minister

Holmes does occasionally meet high ranking foreign notables throughout his Victorian Era adventures, but he never meets the British Prime Minister. Frogwares entertainment has decided to correct this in Nemesis. He gets to talk with the PM, who will reveal important information about the Rosetta Stone and the museum’s security. Inspector Lestrade gives you a map of the museum. Speak to the museum librarian’s guard and the architect.

Walk through the entrance, where you can engage in another conservation with Lestrade. Go to the Egyptian and Babylonian displays. Walk into the Inner courtyard and watch the police filter into their proper positions.

Watson and the Rosetta Stone


You control Watson through the next section. You begin this part of the investigation outside of the Gate Portal. If nothing else, Watson’s manners are always portrayed as impeccable in this series, while Holmes is not above offending someone to prove one of his points.

The guards outside of the gate seem to be worried about a bun that may or may not be in a bag. Watson makes it his task to find it, even though such work may be beneath a proper Victorian era gentleman with medical education. Go to the left and look for a bag by the trash can. Search it to see if there is a bun in it. Not far from the trashcan, Piers is raking the muck that helps him with his profession. He calls in the favor Watson owes him. He needs to get into the maintenance room and the guards are in the way. You need to help Watson find the key.

Take the key which seems to have been in the bun and enter the room. Take the hammer from the table and walk back outside. Your next stop, for some not adequately explored reason, is the library.

Watson at the Library

The library is the building in the center of the courtyard. A man named Brancow sits at his desk. Talk to him to find out about another set of keys and a safe. Take the piece of paper from his desk. . The drawing contains a clue to the safe puzzle which you will soon need to solve.

Watson and the Rosetta Stone

Put the center dial at 15. You’ll find the other numbers in red and blue marks. These are the numbers that you will use on the outer dials. Blue numbers get turned counterclockwise, red numbers get turned clockwise. Follow the numbers in ascending order. Turn the outside corner dials to the appropriate number. When you have it right, the safe opens. Take the contents from the inside. Exit the safe and talk to the architect who enters. He seems to be worried about the crumbling base of a lion statue. Remember the conversation.

Watson Leaves the Office

Leave the office and go to the stairs. You’ll find a lion’s statue there. Tinker with its base to create a distraction. Use the commotion to get to Piers outside of the building. Give him the keys you got from the safe. (Does anyone think this behavior is suspicious?)

Go back outside the building and meet up with Holmes. Talk to Inspector Lestrade, who displays the usual overconfidence in his abilities and the abilities of the Scotland Yard detectives.

The Night of July 16-17, 1895

Translation of a Cuineform Table from Nemesis

You control Holmes through this part. You must listen to Lestrade’s speech and listen to the information that the architect will give you. He says something about Iron bars being removed, but it does not mention to or from where these mystery bars were removed.

Start by going into the maintenance room. It seems a few useful items such as a rope, a pulley, and a bar of soap have been taken from this room. Travel to the Inner courtyard. Most of the brick piles here have been covered by a tarp. The only exception seems to be the middle pile of bricks, which remains exposed to the elements. Walk over to the shed. Look inside and find that someone removed two bags of cement from it.

A person at the curator’s office might be able to shed some light on the missing objects. Brancow, however, will walk in and reveal that the rubble at the lion’s base has been removed. It is time to go check out the lion that Watson destroyed earlier. It is at the base of the stairs.

Examine the base. Listen to the architect explain how a pulley could be used with the missing item as a counter weight. Hear a commotion and run outside. Rejoin Watson and watch the theft. So, you did not quite prevent the theft of the Rosetta Stone. Lupin, has, however, left you some clues about what the next object he intends to steal is.

Take an evening stroll through the museum to see what it’s leading up to. (To avoid suspense, the final clue is a picture of Queen Victoria.)

Getting the First Few Clues


The double doors at the entrance to the museum contain a small message. Pick it up and read it. Figure out exactly what Lupin meant by Veronese lovers. This clue refers to a book in the library. Brancow, who you have been talking to throughout this part of the adventure, is in the library. He will explain how to use the card catalogue. Follow his instructions to find the book that you need.

The book in question refers to Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo and Juliet. Type in the name of the book to get its location. Go to that location and get the book. Reading the classics is always a laudable goal, but you are in fact after the clue that Lupin left here: take it and read it.

The next clue mentions a red or copper bronze door. Search around here and get the clues. For those who dislike math as much as the author does, he will not go into the discussion of it. The answer to the next puzzle is 1476. Jump to the library and enter that number into the card catalogue.

The clue refers to a book called Hindu enchantment. Flip through the book to find two pictures of statues of Kali. Use the map to go to the Permanent Exhibition Halls. The clue might have been left in a statue of Kali, but it is instead on a table in the room. Read the clue and find out about the three similar brothers.

The Three Similar Brothers

Return to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall. Look for the statues of Bes. Click underneath them until you find the next message. The next clue left by Lupin states that you must drink or run.

Drink or Run

Go back to the reading room. Enter drink. Click on the handle and you’ll find the location of the book. Get the node and find that the next clue mentions something about a receptacle. Now, Holmes needs to go out and find the receptacle. The note also says something about geese handles. Go find the exhibit whose description matches these in the permanent exhibition hall. Take the next note from this receptacle.

The Next Clue


The next clue mentions something about two monkeys and a man. This does not refer to a Brad Pitt movie, but instead to yet another exhibit (the keen, or conscious, adventure gamer will not be surprised this entire act takes place in a museum). Travel to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall and turn right. Look around the room until you find a cuneiform tablet. Holmes copies the writing and eventually decodes it. Read the four paragraphs. You’ll be prompted at the fourth one. Type in 1200 to finish the section.

Get the next book and open it. You’ll see a picture of the master thief holding a koala. Find the koala in the permanent exhibition room to get the next clue. Read about the fake yellow and brown jug.

Go to the permanent exhibition room. Find the broken vase. Enter the puzzle screen and put the pieces back together. Get the next clue about the monarchs of England.

The Monarchy Puzzle

Monarchy Puzzle Solution First Part

Monarchy Solution Puzzle Second Part

  • Monarchy Puzzle Solution Part 3

    Replace Edward IV with Richard III

  • Replace Henry VI with Charles II

  • Exchange William I with Richard I, William II with Richard II and William III with Richard III

  • Exchange the fourth column of medals with the 6th column of medals

  • Draw an invisible line from William I (earliest monarch) with Georges II (latest).

  • The medal that is intersected by those 2 invisible lines is Jane Grey medal. Get Jane Grey medal.

Monarchy Puzzle solution Part 4

Now that you have solved the puzzle. Go back to the director’s office. Get the hammer from the table. Combine the medal with the hammer to get the next clue Lupin left for you.

Find the next clue at Area E, 2nd row at second level and 9th column next to the stairs. Take the musical score.

Sherlock Holmes Plays the Violin


The Sherlock Holmes games almost always give the great detective an opportunity to play the violin or show him playing it as part of the game. Talk to Brancow about the music. He cannot read the music, but might be able to tell you the name of the piece if he can listen to it. Go find the Stradivarius violin and play the music on the sheet. Brancow says. Go back to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall and get the message from the scarabs.

The Solar System Model

Go back to the permanent exhibition room. Move the planets this way: Mercury (gray) = 6; Venus (pink) = 5; Earth (blue) = 3; Moon (little white one) = 13 + 3 (additional turns due to 2 way rotation) = 16; Mars (red) = 4; Jupiter (orange) = 2; Saturn (green) = 1.

You need to do some more math, but you are almost done. The answers you need are 37, 18, and 1666. Go back to the card catalogue in the reading room. Type in 1666 and get the location of the book. It is oddly enough, the Necronomicon. (Historical Note: H.P. Lovecraft invented this fictional work, first referencing it in The Hound, 1922. The makers of the Sherlock games referenced Lovecraft most heavily in Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened.)

Go back and talk to Brancow. The next item Lupin intends to take is revealed by a picture of Queen Victoria.

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