Sherlock Holmas and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 5 -- The Fairfax Theater

Sherlock Holmas and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 5 -- The Fairfax Theater
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A Morning at Baker Street

Another night has passed in London. Holmes and Watson slept well in their Baker Street Lodgings. The third day starts with Holmes playing chemist again. Open your inventory and select the greasy substance. You learn nothing more than that the grease is very interesting.

You are done with the nifty Victorian scientific equipment that Holmes uses. Take out your magnifying glass. Use it on the toy and learn next to nothing about it. Examine the gloves you found in the smoking room. Holmes notes that the gloves are made of very fine white cotton. Examine the silver decoration and move on to the next part of the game.

The game returns you to Flatham Station, where you find out what Watson had to do with the investigation.

Flatham Station Flashback

The flashback starts with Watson asking the Flatham station manager questions about Horace Fowlett. The station manager says that Fowlett took the train that is currently at the station. He tells Watson that Fowlett boarded the train with someone who wore a bandage on his left hand.

Look at the bench. Pick up the white feather and it is added to your inventory. The train Fowlett supposedly took has returned to the station. Walk inside. Find another feather in one of the benches. Look for a cap with red hairs in it. You have found all the clues in the train car. Watson remarks that a gentleman might have been traveling with a chicken.

Back at Baker Street

Now that Watson has finished recounting his memories. He gives Holmes a few more items to analyze. Place the hairs under the microscope. Holmes leans out the window when he is finished with his analysis, and he asks Wiggins to come over. Wiggins, as fans of the series know, is the leader of the Baker Street irregulars. Holmes sends him out to look for a gentleman, but the game does not let you know exactly who this mysterious gentleman is.

Sherringford Hall Again

Return to the entrance. The spot normally occupied by Mrs. Lambert is currently empty. She has moved slightly from her former location. Talk to her and find out what transpired to the night. A younger made who flirts with Watson and many other men. The younger maid seems more than willing to tell you about her dreams for Lt. Herrington and the daughter of her late employer.

The Office of the Late Sir Bromsby


Holmes and Watson never opened the safe in the late Sir Bromsby’s office. The lock does not use the simple combination lock that you might expect. Open your documents page. You should find something that looks like this:






Type those letters into the rows provided on the safe door and it will open. Supposedly there is some sequence here, but it does not quite hold up or make much sense.

Remove the contents of the safe. Put the papers in the notebook and take the key. The key does not seem to be for the locked compartment above the shelf. Save your game and get ready to investigate the Cement works.

The Bromsby Cement Works

There is not a lot to do here, although it does take a long time to complete. Talk to the foreman who tells you about the night watchman. He will give you the key to Hermann Grimble’s office. The supervisor tells you about Marty, the night watchman and about his dogs. This information will prove to be useful later.

You can only enter one building in the cement works. You can can explore the area of the outside of the buildings, but you will not find any clues here. Select the key and use it on the one building you can enter.

Watson stands guard on the first floor. Walk up the stairs. Get the key from the table here and take a good look at the model bridge. You will find the full scale model. Click on the pictures above the bridge. For some unexplained reason, they get transferred to your notebook. The bridge itself contains something interesting. The bridge contains small human figures.

Walk up the next set of stairs. These stairs lead into Grimble’s office. Use the key on the door to unlock it. You must examine the wardrobe in his room, although it serves as little more than a red herring. Exit the room to the door on the right.

Click on the trunk of Ganesh. The statue moves aside to reveal another safe. The experienced adventure gamer might expect another puzzle at this point, but the game designers have decided to give you a break. Select the remaining key from your inventory to open it.

Take the items out of it. Go over to the table and pick up some paper. Learn about someone trying to blackmail Grimble. The note does not say what the blackmailer threatens to reveal, but a man whose initials are W.C. signed the note.

You should have a small model of Sir Bromsby in your inventory. There is a slot for him on the bridge you found downstairs. Place him in the empty slot and a hidden drawer opens. Take the key from it and return to Grimble’s desk.

When you get the key, Watson warns you about the imminent approach of an unknown figure. The great detective puts things back the way he found them and the duo returns to Baker Street.

Herrington Visits Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Maze3

Lt. Herrington calls on Holmes. Herrington expresses his concern about how his testimony will be perceived. Exhaust all the conversation to find out about the relationship between the young military officers and Lavinia Bromsby. Watson will find the conversation annoying as he sympathizes with the plight of the young man and young woman.

The scene ends when a member of the Baker Street Irregulars tells you that they have located the man Holmes asked them to search for. The information they give Holmes requires you to make another trip to Grimble’s Cement Works.

Return to Bromsby’s Cement Works

Remember the information you received about the night watchman and his dogs? You will need it now. This is not so much a puzzle as a mini game. You will arrive at the back of the Cement Works and there is a ladder there.

Listen to the conversation and climb up the ladder as soon as you get control of the characters. Use the covered wagon and the dark patch to hide from the guard and Marty. Walk across to the area until you get to the theater. Use the key in your inventory. This is also a good time to save your game.

The Fairfax Theater

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring – Maze4

Open your inventory and select the matches. Use them on the nearby oil lamp. The dark hall lights up according to the magic that is basic chemistry. Walk down the hallway to the right. When you see footprints, take the magnifying glass and the tape measure. You learn very little from them.

Continue exploring the theater’s hall until you find a set of double doors. The doors are closed, but the lock does not work very well. Holmes mentions that the doors may be able to be forced. Use the knife for your inventory and jimmy the lock open. When the doors open, walk into another dark room.

Use the matches on the lamp in this room.. Find the rug in a wastebasket. Click on the rug to get some blood and black hairs. Take the nearby ring of keys. The footprints that you find here do not reveal any new information

Select the key ring and open the door at the back of the room. The room seems to have a sinister feel to it, but you cannot do much here right now. Walk inside and examine the white spot on the floor.

The white spot is comprised of a lethal substance known as quick lime. Go to the next room and find a sharp, old curtain lying on the floor. Move forward to the area where there is some cloth buried behind it. Look behind the curtain and uncover a dead body someone has buried in quicklime.

Go back to the double doors. Look on the rights side of the door to find a doctor’s bag.. Open the doctor’s bag and take the gauze from it. Use the knife on the gauze to make a makeshift mask. Wear the mask and go back to the room with the dead body.

The initial attempts to move the body fail. Click on the shovel when Holmes says he needs something. The shovel does not work either, and Holmes remarks that he needs something else. Go back to the double doors and find the pole there. Head back down to the room with the quicklime and you should be able to move the body.

Search the body to find a passport for a man named Johansen and a bottle of liquor. Watch the cut scene that ensues.

Day Three Quiz

You return to Baker Street. The game will quiz you to find out what you have learned so far. Before taking the quiz, open your inventory and click on Johansen’s passport. The passport gets added to your notebook.

Quiz Answers

1. Yes – conversation with Goblet

2. Yes – Photograph of Bromsby in front of the Kaladassia Abyss, article on Captain Lowrie’s Death

3. No – Blue box and green box in the testimonies section

4. Yes – Letter from Cabinet Lloyd, Lloyd and Mastersson

5. Yes – Johansen’s passport


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