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Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Walkthrough -- Part 5 of 5 -- The Aston Theater

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You are about to find out how the silver earring fits into all of this and who murdered whom. This part gets a little confusing, but if you hang in there and follow this guide you should be able to sort it out.

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    Another Morning at Baker Street

    Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring You have one more day to solve the mystery of the silver earring, according to Inspetor Lestrade. You’re even close to finding out exactly what the significance of the Silver Earring in this game is. Day Five of the investigation starts with a brief interlude at Baker Street. Lestrade, Holmes, and Watson talk about the author of the threatening letter.

    You also find out the former Fairfax theater is now in the hands of Hermann Grimble. You need to go to the newly named theater and do the remainder of the investigation. Holmes and Watson will investigate different areas of the theater separately.

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    The Aston Theater Entrance

    The sign outside of the theater contains interesting information. Read it before going inside. You control Holmes at the start of the day. Enter the theater and speak to the person sweeping the floors. The janitor of the theater happily gives Holmes some information as he helped the man in the past. You will find about tragedies. Talk to the four people in the theater. The one who provides the most information is Bruce Aston, the son of Clark Aston. He tells you about another set of keys.

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    Doris's Dressing Room

    Exhaust all of the conversation options and then head into the dressing room behind Bruce Aston. The dressing room belongs to Doris, an actress. She sits in a chair. Her lack of sobriety causes communication problems. Apparently she loved someone named Veronica like her own daughter. Use the door on the right to enter the next area.

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    Back Into the Hallway

    Walk down the hallway until the perspective shifts. Talk to Dwight Richards. This conversation proves to be inefficient. Open your inventory and select the silver earring. Show the earring to him. He will tell you about a missing set of keys.

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    Watson in the Costume Room

    Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Maze9 

    There are two things of interest in this room. The first item of interest is a clipping from a book. Add it to your notebook and read the article about piranhas. The article you picked up describes how piranhas will sometimes destroy a body in detail. The second item is a piece of paper that contains the list of costumes that the theater should have on hand.

    Makte Watson walk to the closet. Click on the wardrobe. You take the costume list from the wardrobe. The costume list shows 30 costumes, but only 29 are present. A military officer’s uniform is missing. If you can remember back to the first day, you found some cotton from cheaply made gloves. The gloves you find are designed to imitate the style of gloves army officers wear.

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    Watson Goes Backstage

    Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Maze10 

    Have Watson exit the costume room and go to the backstage area. An employee is busily cleaning up the area back here. He does not seem to have much interest in you. If you try talking to him, he does not say much until he is given the proper incentive. He tells you about two actors who vanished. The missing actors left in such a hurry that they did not take their personal belongings with them.

    He also tells you that when the new owner took control of the Aston theater, he had his employees move Veronica’s items into a room that is now locked. Richards, supposedly have the only set of keys.

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    Back to the Audience Hall

    You must find the other set of keys to the thater. Fortunately, Bruce Aston has an extra. Get the extra set of keys by talking to Aston. He tells you more about the silver earrings. Talk to the actress here to get her earring, and go back to Doris's dressing room to get the fourth earring in the set.

    Go to the locked doors at the end of the hallway. Select the keys from the inventory and open the door. Walk up to the locked room that the janitor cleaning up backstage told you about.

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    The Locked Room

    Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Look around the room until you find a locked box. Use the magnifying glass until you find the lock. Pieces of the earring fit in this slot. The silver earring needs to be inserted into the correct slots between the boat in the waves. Take them from your inventory and place them in the slots. When the box opens, take the photo and the note from it.

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    Holmes and Watson Return to Baker Street

    clues that he needs to solve the case. You can now take the final quiz. You’ll also have a list of the suspect shoe sizes in your inventory.

    Quiz Answers:

    1. Yes - Bruce Aston Dialog

    2. Yes - Miss Sullivan Dialog

    3. Yes - Dustbin evidence at Sherringford Hall

    4. Yes - French Visit Card

    You can take another quiz after this, but you do not need to answer the questions correctly. If you use the mouse and the space bar, the answers will be provided. Answer these questions and you will see the final cut scene.

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