Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy Walkthrough -- The Reception Hall and Display Rooms

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy Walkthrough -- The Reception Hall and Display Rooms
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The Great Detectives Enter

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson may be ready to rest after taking on the Cthulhu cult, but the great detectives skills will be needed once again. Lord Montcalfe, a British adventurer with a passion for adventure and ancient Egypt has gone missing. His daughter, Elisabeth Montcalfe shares these passions, but she fears that her father has become a victim of foul play. She seeks out the help of the great Sherlock Holmes in order to solve this mystery and unravel the Curse of the Mummy.

Unlike its predecessor, the game does not require the globe hopping that occurred in Sherlock Holmes: the Awakened. The game opens in the Reception Hall of the missing adventurer’s private museum and residence.

The Egyptian Museum’s Reception Hall

The first room starts with a very simple puzzle. The sarcophagi in the reception rooms have two dates written on them. Make note of the latter date on each puzzle and right it down. Once you have the four dates written down head over the lions and click on them. This opens a secret compartment. Write the correct dates on the area when prompted. Successful completion of this puzzle yields a key and a seal which get placed in Holmes’s inventory.

The Mystery of the Mummy Walkthrough: Exhibit Rooms

The Egyptan Museum’s Hallway

Use the key to enter these locked rooms. The puzzle in the reception room was easy and the room was short. The Exhibition rooms will take more time to complete than the lobby section. To the left of the door is another seal. Pick it up. Not far from the seal another statue rests. Turn around to see a mummy on display in the center of the room. Have Holmes look down at the base of the display and find a toolbox. Toolboxes often contain items that players can use later in the game. Click on the toolbox and retrieve a flask of oil, a hammer with a lever and a screwdriver from it.

Adjust Holmes’s position so that you can see the Khasapeth Mummy. You will find a few illegible documents here as well as information on the Curse of the Mummy. Take note of this information, and it may be helpful to write it down somewhere because the text about the curse is not immediately useful.

Go to your right until you come to the door at the end of the room. Find ‘the pin’ underneath the blue stool. Venture to the left and enter another room. Click on the statue of Anubis to search it. The search reveals another seal. The game places it in Sherlock’s inventory and proceed to the left again. You will also find a sacrificial knife on one of the shelves. You do not need this at the moment, but you should remember its location. A picture of Elisabeth Montcalfe hang on one of the walls of the room. Pick up the photo and examine it thoroughly. You should find a letter attached to this photo. The most immediately relevant piece of information concerns the presence of traps in Montcalfe’s mansion and museum.

Look around the room a little more. You should find a piece of bandage in front of one of the doors. Cross the room again and go to the back doors. You’ll find a symbol with four seals on it near the double doors in the back. So far, you have only found three seals so you need to search around for the final seal that allows you to finish the puzzle. An excerpt from the Egyptian Book of the Dead rests on the floor. Examine the excerpt. Be sure to examine nearby pieces such as the Egyptian burial urns and statues of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The information about what each god and goddess did may seem like extraneous flavor at this time. Pay attention to this information. It becomes useful later in the game.

The Mystery of the Mummy Exhibit Rooms Continued

An Egyptian Mummy

Proceed down the hall until you find a single, locked door. Move the camera angle until you can see the hieroglyph. Pick up the fourth and final seal that will allow you to proceed to the next room. This door and a side door are also looked, but if you go back and click on the statues you will find that one on the left has a secret compartment. Examine the lock and Holmes reveals that the lock might not be in good repair. Select the screwdriver in your inventory and use it on the lock. The compartment opens. Take the key and return to the locked door.

The locks are a little rusty. Use the flask of oil on the side door and then select the silver key from the inventory. The side door opens up and reveals a room that might have been used for display preparation. There’s also a few items that help set the mood for the game. The only item of interest to the adventure gamer is the box of opened items on the floor. Click on this box and remove the items inside. A bottle of whiskey, a fifth seal and big, middle, and little gears get placed in your inventory.

Exit the room and go back to the door with the four seals. Currently you have five of them. Figuring out which seals you need solves the puzzle and allows you to progress.

How Sherlock Holmes Solves the Seal Puzzle

Place the four seals in the following order:

  • Top – Sobek
  • 2nd – Ibis
  • 3rd – Nout
  • 4th – opposite Facing Twins.

The door unlocks, and Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson must proceed into Lord Montcalfe’s study.

Lord Montcalfe’s Study


The desk dominates the room. Examine the desk and find some papers. Read these and gain some further clues into the mystery. Read the newspaper clipping here about the plans of Elisabeth’s father to present the mummy of the priest of Khasapeth.

Find some matches near the far left corner of his desk, use these to light the candle and find even more papers. Move forward and look up. A wood heater graces one corner of the room. Place the papers in the wood heater and use the whiskey on the papers. Note the strange looking door next to the stove. See the places for the three gears? Insert the gears into their slots and light the materials in the wood heater. Watch the game go through a cut scene and get ready to enter the second floor of the museum.

This brings the player to the next part of Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy. The walkthrough continues in part 2.

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