Sherlock Homes and the Mystery of the Mummy -- Part 5 of 5 -- Electricity in the libarary

Sherlock Homes and the Mystery of the Mummy -- Part 5 of 5 -- Electricity in the libarary
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Did Tesla Design this Library?

Sherlock Homes and Doctor Watson have almost solved the case. While there will be time for summing things up, the great detective or you in the case of this point and click adventure game, must solve the remaining puzzles. Before you do anything else in this section, save your game. There are a number of important puzzles here and it is a good idea to save the game after each one in this section.

You will find that the door opens into a library the late inventor and Scientist Nikola Tesla would have loved. Do not touch the electrically charged railings as you walk into the library. Search the room until you find a blue book. Behind it is a Faraday cage. Deactivate the Faraday cage and you can now touch the railings. Look around the library until you find a shovel.

Find the fire box in the library. Use the shovel to remove the hot coals found inside. The fire box contains a boiler. Pull the lever on the boiler. Return to the door that leads to the hallway. If you look down, you will see a rifle. Have Holmes examine it. It seems that the last person who handled this, presumably the mummy you have been chasing, has “skin on his fingers.”

Go down the stairs and find a ladder near the bottom. Ladders tend to be useful objects when the appear in adventure games so pick it up. Look to the other side of the room and see a shelf with a set of red books. Walk over to it and use the ladder on the shelf. Climb the ladder and pick up the following objects, a receipt for explosive materials, a user’s guide for dynamite, and a droplet pipette. Descend the ladder and leave the library. Use the double doors to exit from the library and go into Lord Montcalfe’s study. Take the candle from the candlestick on the desk. You’ll need this candle to light your way. Since you are about to encounter another puzzle, save your game.

Lord Montcalfe’s Study

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

Look around the room to find yet another puzzle. Examine it closely. The deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes (or you, as Sherlock is strangely silent on this one) tell you that this puzzle requires pieces you do not have. It also seems that they are not in this room.

Go back out and into the display room. Pick up the sacrificial knife mentioned all the way back in Part 1. Search around in the blue urns in this room until you find the batcher. The fire and explosion damaged the sarcophagus and many other items in this room. The sarcophagus however contains an interesting trap door. Examine the trap door, although you cannot interact with it at this time.

Find the broken drawer in this room. Use the knife you picked up earlier on it to pick up the black and white tiles you’ll need to solve the puzzle. The mummy missing from the case here should be noted, but it is not an immediate concern. Pick up the axe that lays near the the shattered display. Go forward to the next room. Select the knife from your inventory and use it to pick up two containers and a cup. Search this room. Find the case that contained god and goddess statues. Someone put lamp in front of this case that was not there before. Pick the lamp up.

Go back to the room with the missing mummy. Get an oil flask near the door here. It looks like you might need more squares for the upcoming tile puzzle. Leave this room again and go into the next one. The orange cabinet probably contains something interesting, but the doors do not open. Use the knife on the door. The cabinet contains more squares.

Return to the study where you found the puzzle. Now that Sherlock Holmes has the items he needs to solve it, it is time to prove his powers of deduction yet again.

The Japanese Puzzle


While the purist may want to solve this puzzle, the bypass for it is easier to work out. The cheat works this way:

Click the upper right corner of the game screen several times

Place three tiles on the puzzle in any position

The game solves the puzzle for you. It’s a good idea to save the game here. You will see a little hole here with a lever inside of it. Pick up the lever and take it back to the first exhibit room you entered in this museum. Select the lever from the inventory and use it on the trap door. Find the sarcophagus in the glass case. Enter your inventory screen and combine the oil case with the lamp. Click on the sarcophagus. Light the lamp in your inventory using the wall mounted lamp. (If you do not do this, Sherlock tells you that you need more light.) Go back to the sarcophagus with the trap door and use the lamp on it.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are now in the storage room they left several minutes ago. Look around the room and find a rope. Proceed to the laboratory of this basement. Save your game before entering because the laboratory is the final part of Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy.

Somebody Set Sherlock Up the Bomb

Cover of A study in Scarlet, the First Sherlock Holmes mystery

Walk forward to the other end of the laboratory. A wooden box rests on the table pick it up. Take things slowly here, Sherlock, you just found another bomb. Look around for a big box and put the box you just found inside of it. Get ready to diffuse the bomb by solving another puzzle.

Put the batcher on the small box you found

Put the gray bowl on the left side of the batcher

Place the pipette on top of the batcher

Put the candle to the right of the batcher

Open your inventory

Use the axe on the rope

Place this mechanism on the hook on the wall

Move out of the room.

Watch a cut scene here. Then watch Doctor Watson show up with members of Scotland Yard and the London constabulary. Sherlock Holmes explains the mystery in full detail in the standard “here’s what happened” style of many mysteries.

Author’s Note: He had ignored the absence of Doctor Watson in the beginning of this game. Watson does not show up until the final scene as he takes his vacation when this mystery takes place.

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