Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy Walkthrough -- Part 2 of 5 -- Second Story of Lord Montcalfe's Mansion

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy Walkthrough -- Part 2 of 5 -- Second Story of Lord Montcalfe's Mansion
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Holmes and Watson Explore the Library

Every eccentric adventurer who owns a museum needs a library in his home. Now that Holmes and Watson have made their way to the second story of Lord Montcalfe’s home, they must look around and find some books in this large and well-furnished room. Sherlock Holmes and his companion must not give in to the temptation to spend quiet time here. They must find the following books within the room.

A History Book

A Religion Book

A Geography Book

A Philosophy Book.

A Science Book

A Law Book

These books are scattered throughout the room on multiple levels. Be sure to ascend the spiral staircase. Find the locked door. The locked door makes the seasoned adventurer player wonder if he missed a key. Open the philosophy book and find it. Read the newspaper clippings on the table in the library. Go up the spiral staircase if you’re not already there and use the key on the locked door.

The Hallway and Parlor

There are a number of statues within the Hallway. Holmes notices that one of them is not ancient as it claims to be. Remember this off the cuff remark, and proceed towards the parlor. Enter the parlor and note the green drapes. The pictures all around the room provide clues as to what may have happened. Perhaps the most interesting display is the empty sarcophagus in the center of the room. Note the sand at the bottom of the sarcophagus. Go over to the sofa and find a note from Elisabeth. The note reveals that Elisabeth Montcalfe studied archeology.

Examine the paintings on the wall. One shows a picture of a person who has the unflattering caption of “thief, murderer.” Exactly what this person did to the missing Lord Montcalfe is a good target for investigation. The player can think about this, but he should definitely examine the row of ornate pipes on display in the parlor room. Click on each one until you find the pipe cleaner. When you leave this room, turn right twice forward until you reach the study.

The Suspiciously Clean Study of the Egyptologist

Lord Montcalfe’s Hallway in the Mystery of the Mummy

An investigation of the study provides valuable clues to the case at hand. When you enter the study, turn down and look to the left. Pick up and examine the fake register lying on the floor. The documentation shows illegal manipulation of the Montcalfe’s archaeological findings. A locked panel exists not far from the desk, but you will not be able to open it. Wonder over to the fireplace. A picture rests above the fireplace, but the player cannot do anything with the picture yet. A recently lit fire warms the room, which is an extremely odd thing to occur in a deserted mansion.

Go and look at the canopy. You’ll see someone running across the rooftops. A tripod gives you a better view. Read the letter on the desk in the study that announces that the entire mansion staff decided to leave Montcalfe’s employment. Strangely, the leaving staff members gave no reason for their sudden departure.

Return to the desk. Be careful not to open the door that leads back into the library because the door does not open from the other side. A small chalkboard rests near the bookcase. Something had been written on the chalkboard, but it has since been erased. It does not take the deductive powers of a Sherlock Holmes to figure out someone has been in this room recently.

Sherlock Uses the Lavatory

Go back to the parlor and find the lavender draped door. Open the door using the fake register. Go back out down the hall and enter the final door on the right. This takes you into the bathroom. Take the bar of soap and pull the plug from the tub. Amazingly, the water is still warm. Wait for the tub to drain and find more sand at the bottom. Go back to the parlor with the purple draped door. Use the bar of soap on the lock. Use the pipe cleaner on the lock after it has been lubricated. Watch another cut scene and learn how to get the extra key you need. Do what the cut scene suggests and another key is added to Holmes’s inventory. Go to the purple draped door and use the key. Enter Lord Montcalfe’s bedroom

The Mummy’s Bedroom

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy bedroom screenshot

As one would expect, the Egyptian interior decorating motif continues in the former owners and perhaps the current occupant’s bedroom. Next to the bed is a table. A puzzle with a piece missing rests on top of the bedside table. The drawer will not open until Sherlock and Doctor Watson find the missing piece. Examine the pith helmet on the bed. Meander over to the nearby wardrobe and open it. Click on the shirts and find a disguise powder used to make the person look older.

Go back out to the hallway to the statue that Holmes remarked was not ancient. Find a fork in the floor nearby. Pick up the fork and go back into the parlor. The picture over the fireplace can still be clicked. Select the fork from your inventory and examine the picture. Use the fork on the crack and find the real register that Lord Montcalfe hid behind this picture. Take the cane from the compartment also.

Go back into the hall until you find the lion statue. Use the cane in your inventory to break the statue open. A pink wrapped package intended for Elisabeth falls out. Open the package and take out the four pieces. Return to the bedroom and use the pieces on the puzzle to open the nightstand drawer.

Order of the Puzzle Pieces

Eye – 1

Female Figure with Ankh – 2

Cheetah – 3

Male Figure with Staff – 4

The Parlor, Hall, Et Cetera

The door opens and reveals a letter one Doctor Bigoudin sent Lord Montcalfe.

The letter has two sides. Be sure to read them both. The back side of the letter concerns scrolls found near the sarcophagus that warn of a dire curse. Move the camera angle upwards to reveal a fan. If you do not get a magnifying glass, search around the fan until you find a white button. The fan blade is too high for either Doctor Watson or Sherlock Holmes to reach, but perhaps the Mystery of the Mummy’s game designers put in something you need to find to turn the fan on. The mural on the wall above where the pith helmet rested contains another puzzle. Solve it and get the gnarled staff you need to turn on the ceiling fan

Click on the people in the mural in the following order.


Female with Ankh


Male with Staff

Use the hook on the fan and hear a loud crashing sound that resembles the sound of glass breaking. Pick up the golden scarab from the smashed urn in one of the corners of the room. As tempting as it may be to take a break, the great detective and his companion still have work to do.

Finishing the Second Act of Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Mummy

Pharaoh Seti I - His mummy - by Emil Brugsch (1842-1930)

Go back to the study and examine the desk. There is a lock mechanism here that you use the golden scarab to open. It’s a short puzzle, but it’s relatively simple. Open the drawer and read the paper inside. Lord Montcalfe has displeased an organization called the Dawn of the Gods society on his last expedition to Egypt. Read the second note that accuses him of keeping items he was supposed to turn over to them. The third item elicits a response from Sherlock Holmes stating that he will not use an unfamiliar weapon.

Go over to the hall door. See the cupboard to the left? Click on the cupboard and open another puzzle. The slider is relatively simple and does not require much explanation. Get the key and head back to the parlor. Use the key on the cabinet in the parlor near a lion statue to get a scepter. Use both scepters on the fake statue and Holmes and Doctor Watson can descend to the basement of Lord Montcalfe’s estate.

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