Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Walkthrough -- Part 4 of 5 -- Hunter's Greenhouse

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Silver Earring Walkthrough -- Part 4 of 5 -- Hunter's Greenhouse
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Holmes and Watson Enjoy Breakfast

The next day starts off as the same way that previous days have, with Holmes and Watson starting their day at their Baker Street apartment. Inspector Lestrade tells you how many days you have left to solve the case. Of course, all of the Sherlock Holmes games offer 5 days or 5 scenes to investigate.

Not only do you still not know who killed Sir Bromsby, you as of yet, have no clue what a silver earring has to do with any of the muders. You do learn why Scotland Yard is not inclined to trust Lt. Herrington’s story.

Add the notes Lestrade brought you to your notebook. The most interesting item is that Fowlett and Grimble look a lot a like. Learn that Wung Jei attacked you last night. This part of the game involves the acquisition of information and you need to do little at this time. Put the notebook away for now and take out the map. Click on Hunter’s House.

Hunter’s Murder

Lestrade meets you there. Another body has been found at 29 Strokes Alley. The bartender who was at the party has now been murdered. Someone seems to be going to great lengths to murder the people connected to the late Sir Bromsby.

Constable Appleby greets you when you enter the house He is waiting for an Inspector Gregson, but he lets you walk inside. The blood on the floor has not been cleaned up yet. Look at the blood spot to learn what you can. An opened cabinet calls to the great detective. Click on it to look inside. There are some rolled-up canvases. The two new paintings are new.

Look at the floor to see a partial footprint there. Use the tape measure on the footprint. The foot that made it wears a shoe that is larger than size 8 but smaller than a size 12. It might math the size 10 foot print you found outside of the house of Horace Fowlett. Walk outside and enter the greenhouse.

Hunter’s Greenhouse

Mystery of the Silver Earring

The perspective shifts to a first person from the top view. Click on the green house in this view to make the perspective shift and have olmes walk into it. There seems to be no in game reason this to occur. Click on the potted plants until you find the two you can remove. These get added to your inventory, but the plants are not as important as the papers you find underneath them.

Read the bills. You find out that one of the bills is an pawnbroker’s ticket for one exotic golden jewel. Give this to the waiting Doctor Watson. He’ll go pick up the jewel. Holmes mentions returning to Baker Street. Use the map to go there..

Interlude at Baker Street

Holmes decides that he wants to analyze the items found on the body at the Fairfax theater. (The reader might wonder why he could not do this earlier. Perhaps the game designers felt they were adhering to the formula too closely.)

Open your inventory and examine the bottle of liquor. The bottle comes from Richmond’s Abbey. Holmes comments that he has a book about it. Go over to the bookshelf and get the encyclopedia. Copy the encyclopedia article and the pawnbroker ticket into the notebook. You will find an article on the death of Simon Hunter here. Read it and make any side notes as necessary.

Holmes comments that he wants to make a visit Richmond Abbey. He says that he needs a disguise to do this. Click on the door to Holmes’s bedroom. He will walk in the door. A few seconds later he will walk out with a disguise that would, hopefully, fool his own mother

Richmond Abbey

Mystery of the Silver Earring - Maze6

The Sherlock Holmes games usually take place in London its surrounding area.. The Awakened takes Holmes halfway around the world. In this game, you only get to go to the north of London. Save the game when your arrive and make sure to save it periodically through this section.

The search starts, naturally enough at Abbey Gate. When one of the monks comes out, talk to him. You learn that the monks of the abbey have experience a theft, and that this alter-ego of Holmes has an brother who goes by the name of James Little.

Holmes states that his brother probably caused the theft. Hand the monk some money and he will let you explore the abbey and the ruins that lie in a nearby forest.

Traveling to the Richmond Abbey Ruins

Travel along the path on the woods. Take the left, right, and right trails. If you have headed in the right direction, Holmes asks himself, “Who can that be?” Continue along that road until he announces that he smells smoke. Save your game.

Walk forward. The ruins provide lovely light to the surrounding forest. This is not their natural state. The blaze might destroy valuable evidence. You must find a way to put the blaze out quickly.

Watch the clock at the top of the screen. Travel to the four way crossroads by running, Pick up the bucket here and then fin the pond on the way to the abbey. Use the bucket to get the water. Take it back to the ruins and put out the blaze. When you complete this challenge, save your game as you probably do not want to encounter this annoyance again.

Inside the Richmond Abbey Ruins

Mystery of the Silver Earring - safe

The only light inside the ruins comes from an open window. The window does not give enough light to see. Open your inventory. Select the book of matches and use them on the candle.. Look at the red spot on the floor. It is not blood but rather an ink that is not manufactured in Great Britain. Look at the charred books. They cannot be repaired, but they obviously contained information that the person responsible for the recent thefts and possibly the murders never wanted you to see.

Use the tape measure on the footprints and find out they are size ten. (You have seen this size twice before.) Go to the end of the room. Look at the odd brick in the wall. Click on it to reveal a secret compartment. Take the letters you find inside. Add the one that you can read to your notebook. The handwriting matches that of a letter you have already seen, although the letter does not make sense.

Travel back to the Richmond Abbey and use the map to go to Baker Street. When Holmes gets back, he announces that he needs to return to Sherringford Hall. Use the map of London to go there. The great detective’s brains seem to be a little skewered by recent events.

Another Return to Sherringford Hall

Mystery of the Silver Earring

Watch the cut scene. Hermann Grimble announces all rights to the Bromsby succession. The amount of money he swindled from his employer eliminates his need for any part of the remaining Bromsby fortune. Watson delivers the message to Inspector Lestrade. Bromsby remains a suspect.

Holmes enters the ballroom a few seconds later. His brother, Mycroft, has sent him a letter. Sherlock is not above using his brother’s position in the government to provide him with the necessary clues. Walk in and read the leader.

Astute players will remember seeing the picture of Bromsby at the Kaladassia Abyss. The construction of this particular bridge ran into quite a few difficulties. A number of Indian workers who were hired as workers have disappeared. Captain Lowrie, his name you have encountered before, tried to blow the whistle but got in trouble for doing so.

You need to speak to Lavinia. Ask the inspector about her current whereabouts. Head to the powder room once you find out that it is the needed location. Go down the hallway until you hear some laughter. Holmes announces that it is coming from the powder room.

The Ladies' Dressing Room

Talk to Herrington. He asks to be excused when the conversation end.. The title of the game is The Mystery of the Silver Earring. You’re about to find out that there is, indeed, an earring involved in this mystery. Show the picture of the beautiful women to the Lavinia. The photo shows one Miss Davenport. Lavinia tells Holmes a story about a crested earring Davenport possessed. Holmes asks her not to repeat their conversation.

Return to Baker Street. Watson shows you the item that he got from the Pawn Broker shop. The diamond-encrusted silver earring bears a striking resemblance the earring described by Lavinia.

Day 4 Quiz

The answers and the justifications are listed below.

1. Yes – Lestrade’s letter about Wung Jei

2. Yes – Conversation with Appleby

3. Yes – Conversation with the monk

4. Yes – Threatening Letter and Note

5. Yes – Note from Mycroft about the Kaladassia Abyss


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